Akiles WireMac 21 / 31 Wire Punching and Closing Machine

Akiles WireMac 21 / 31 Wire Punching and Closing Machine

Basic Specifications of the WireMac-21

  • Wire pitch: 2:1
  • 27 disengageable punch dies
  • Binding thickness: 3/16" to 1 1/4"

Basic Specifications of the WireMac-31

  • Wire pitch: 3:1
  • 40 disengageable punch dies
  • Binding thickness: 3/16" to 9/16"

Basic Specs of the Akiles WireMac

  • Punching capacity: up to 20 sheets
  • 14" punching length with open throat
  • Disengageable punch dies prevent partial side-end perforation
  • Wire Closer Control
  • Punching Margin Control

The WireMac encompasses the entire wire punch and bind system in one machine for ultimate efficiency and productivity.

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Description of the Akiles WireMac

The sturdy WireMac has an all metal construction for high quality, efficiency, and productivity. With a variety of functions, the WireMac is complete wire binding system for your needs. Punch up to 20 pages at once and bind without pausing. Put together a booklet in no time at all with minimal effort. Simply place a small stack, use the double handle system to punch, and insert pages onto wire before closing. The wire snatch holds wire in place so users can easily insert pages and the vertical wire closer easily completes the binding process.

There are more features that make punching and binding even easier. Die disengagement pins can be pulled out for clean complete punches on different for different paper sizes, preventing those unsightly partial end punches. And because of its open sides, the WireMac can even punch documents wider than 14" without a problem. The side margin control aligns paper edges to punches for a centered holes every time. Punching margin control provides the right punching margin for different wire sizes to maximize tear resistance and increase the lifetime of booklets. And with the wire diameter scale, users easily determine the right wire size, margin depth, and closure for different stack sizes. With the wire closer selector, users can gradually adjust the closer for the perfect bind. The vertical wire closer also has open sides for items longer than 14" without any under/over closing. For a heavy duty performance and a complete wire punch and bind system, choose the WireMac.

Available in 2 pitches:



Manufacturer Name Akiles
Punching Method Manual
Punch and Bind Capability Yes
Max Sheet Capacity 20
Waste Compartment Yes
Weight 45
Shipping Weight 50.0000
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