Akiles iCoil 41+ Manual Punch with Electric Inserter (Discontinued)

Akiles iCoil 41+ Manual Punch with Electric Inserter (Discontinued)

Basic Specs of the Akiles iCoil 41+

  • Larger oval punch for faster coil insertion
  • Durable, hardened steel punch dies
  • Vertical punch reduces punch errors
  • Electric inserter with foot pedal operation
  • Punch capacity: 15 sheets of 20lb paper
  • Punch size: Oval - 4mm X 5mm
  • Includes coil crimp tool

The Akiles iCoil 41+ is an easy to use manual punch with an electric inserter that's perfect for smaller binding jobs.

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Description of the Akiles iCoil 41+

The Akiles iCoil 41+ is a compact, all in one coil binding machine that's perfect for smaller offices with low volume binding needs. Like the iCoil41, the 41+ has a manual punch that uses durable cast hardened and heat treated steel punch dies that can handle up to 15 sheets of paper at once. The main difference is that iCoil41+ produces a larger, oval punch which allows for faster coil insertion and easier page turning. The iCoil 41+ is just as simple to use, first, insert paper and align using the side margin control. Then use the ergonomic handle to make a clean, smooth punch. Not sure what size coil to use? The built in coil measuring guides will help you determine the proper size coil for your project. Once you've selected the coil, insert it into the first few holes of your document then use the pop up electric inserter to quickly finish the job. Once the coil is inserted, use the coil crimp tool located on top of the machine to cut and crimp the ends and you're done.

The iCoil 41+ weighs only 18lbs and is the perfect size for desktop use. The top even folds down for easier storage and protection from dust and dirt. Great for small offices, classrooms or even home use, the Akiles iCoil 41+ is the affordable, compact solution to your light volume binding needs.

Manufacturer Name Akiles
Punch and Bind Capability
Max Sheet Capacity 15 sheets
Waste Compartment
Weight 18
Shipping Weight 20.0000
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