Paper Weights & Stock Cross Reference

If you're like most people, paper weight is whatever the side of the box your paper came in says. But that's only the measurement as expressed by bond. There are seven different methods of measuring paper producing wildly varying figures. Most manufacturers like to advertise their capacities in cover lbs which results in inflated numbers. For example, a product could be advertised as having a capacity of 80 lb. offset stock, but realistically it will only tolerate 31 lb bond paper!

This matrix will give you a good reference for decoding the manufacturer's specifications. But above all else, I would encourage you to contact a Whitaker Brothers sales representative and let them advise you on a good paper folder. In this day and age, it's easy to spend 30 minutes googling something and think you've made the right decision. I've stopped several people from making very expensive mistakes in the past. There is no replacement for the advice of someone who has used just about every paper folder on the market in just about every circumstance you could imagine. 

Weight and thickness equivalents for paper stocks

Bond LbsOffset/Text LbsCover LbsTag LbsIndex LbsPointsThickness (inches)MillimetersMetric (grams/sq meter)
16402237333.2.00320.08160.2 gsm
18452441373.6.0036.09267.72 gsm
20502846423.8.0038.09775.2 gsm
24603356504.8.0048.1290.3 gsm
28703964585.8.0058.147105.35 gsm
29734062606.0060.152109.11 gsm
31814573666.1.0061.155116.63 gsm
32854574676.15.00615.156120 gsm
35904880746.2.0062.157131.68 gsm
36905082756.8.0068.173135.45 gsm
391005490817.2.0072.183146.73 gsm
401005693837.3.0073.185150.5 gsm
4311060100907.4.0074.188161.78 gsm
4411061102927.6.0076.193165.55 gsm
4712065108978.0078.198176.83 gsm
53135741221109.0085.216199.41 gsm
54137751251139.009.229203.17 gsm
58146801341209.5.0092.234218.22 gsm
651659015013510.0095.241244.56 gsm
671709315614010.5.010.25252.08 gsm
7218310016615011.011.289270.9 gsm
7619210517515813.013.33285.95 gsm
8220811418917014.014.356308.52 gsm
8722012020018015.015.38312 gsm
10526714624422018.0175.445385.06 gsm