Martin Yale 62001 High-Speed Letter Opener


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Product code: MYL62001

UPC code:011991620009

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Features of the Martin Yale 62001 High-Speed Letter Opener

  • Made perfectly for large businesses and mailrooms
  • Opens 17,500 envelopes per hour
  • Accepts 6" stack of envelopes
  • Width is adjustable to accommodate various types of envelopes
  • Receiving tray is removable
  • Operates hands-free
  • Large volumes of mail processed at a high-speed
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 36" x 10 5/8" x 12 5/8"
  • Restocking fee charged to returns.

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Video Demo of the Martin Yale 62001 High-Speed Letter Opener

Description of the Martin Yale 62001 High-Speed Letter Opener

The Martin Yale 62001 High-Speed Letter Opener has a variety of features that make it a great fit in large offices as well as mailrooms. Great at processing a large volume of mail quickly, the Martin Yale 62001 letter opener can open up to 17,500 envelopes every hour. That's a lot of opened envelopes in a short amount time! Capable of opening envelopes as much as ¼" thick, the automatic opener can process a tall pile of envelopes up to 6" high. The adjustable width settings allow the user to accommodate envelopes of different shapes and sizes as well.

This letter opener allows for virtually hands-free operation. It automatically feeds, opens and then stacks the set of envelopes on its own: all that is required is putting the stack of envelopes on the machine. How much better can it get? The removable receiving tray allows the opened envelopes to be neatly stacked on top of one another once they are processed through the machine. This letter opener is made of steel and comes with an AC power cord. It also has a power indicator light so the user knows when it's on. At 46 lbs., this model is heavy duty enough to handle a large load of letters quickly, but light enough to be moved around if needed.

Manufacturer Name Martin Yale
Speed 17,500 envelopes/hour
Envelope Size varied
Envelope Thickness 1/4"
Feed Stack Capacity 6" tall
Model # 62001
Manufacturer Part Number MYL 62001
Weight 46 lbs.
Height 12 5/8"
Width 36"
Depth 10 5/8"
Voltage 115 V; other voltages available

UPC 011991620009
Shipping Weight 47.0000
Shipping Length 15
Shipping Width 31
Shipping Height 17
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Average rating:
(Based on 18 vote(s))
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Charlieboy8 From USA
Happy with My Purchase
August 22, 2014
I recently purchased this item for my office. We open about 100 envelopes a day and I was very impressed with the speed of the machine. It made opening our mail a very simple and quick process. The only issue would be since it cuts off a piece of the envelope some of the contents inside would get cut. There is an adjustment knob on the side and that is helping.
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DreamingCA From USA
Probably should have purchased something bigger
November 21, 2012
I run an elections board and four times per year I have to open up a few thousand pieces of mail. All of those envelopes are small and identical, it works just fine for that. Sometimes it will snip a little bit of the ballot but not often enough to be a big problem for me. On the bright side I burned up three other letter openers in less than a year - this one has lasted me three years so far.

My problem is that we tried to use it for our daily incoming mail which is much more diverse. It's okay for that but I probably should have purchased something a little more substantial. It doesn't run the mail through quite as effortlessly as I was hoping.

Overall I am happy. It does exactly what we purchased it for and it's lasted way longer than anything else I tried.
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