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    Introduction: A Guide To Choose The Right Degausser There are a few different options to look at when you’re choosing a degausser for your organization.    This article will go over the security level that you may need, portability, and budget options.   Degausser Security Levels If you are working for the federal government, then […]
  • Degaussing: How Does It Work?

    Introduction To Degaussing Degaussing is the process of demagnetizing a magnetic field. Common uses for degaussing include erasing data from Hard Disk Drives (HDDs), VHS tapes, LTO tapes, DLT tapes, reel-to-reel tapes, and cassettes. Degaussing is also used to remove discoloration from older CRT color TV monitors and on battleships. In fact, degaussing played an […]
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    For many computer users who are getting rid of an old computer, they are aware that they have to either wipe their data or store it securely before they throw away or sell their computer.   There is another piece of office equipment that people seem to be forgetting about or don’t even know about […]
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    Many businesses in today’s economy collect data on previous or prospective customers and clients to analyze, interpret and respond to consumer demand and behavior.    This emphasis on data collection has led to businesses gaining unprecedented value in consumer insights.    However, recent concerns have arisen that people’s private information may be exposed or misused […]
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    Intro If keeping data secure is a priority for you, then your going to want to find solutions that work with your budget, space, and workflow.   In this article, we’re going to discuss the top 3 elements that make a degausser a convenient solution as an HDD sanitizer.   Degaussers Are The Perfect Size! […]
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    Introduction This article is going to give an overview of the speed that it takes to erase data from a hard drive using 5 different methods.   We are going to compare speed as well as efficiency and logistics of each method.   The methods included in this article are: DBAN or the Overwriting Method […]
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    Introduction This article explains why degaussing is the best method of data erasure for hard drives in 2020.   A degausser is a machine that sends an EMP through a hard drive to erase the data stored on the hard drive.   Degaussing is the process that refers to the EMP that is sent through […]
  • How to Wipe Hard Drives the Easy Way

    Wipe hard drives the easy way – use a degausser:

    “What is degaussing? It’s what one does to wipe hard drives, and it’s the most effective method to insure total data destruction. Whether it’s your personal computer or a hard disk drive containing information about clients, it’s likely that at some point you’ll need to wipe hard drives.”