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Removing information from a hard drive isn’t as simple as hitting "delete". To completely destroy sensitive data, you need to use a degausser. Degaussing uses strong magnetic fields to make retrieving the information from hard drives impossible.

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At Whitaker Brothers, we offer competitive pricing on degaussers from top brands such as Datastroyer.

Degaussing devices available now

When a hard drive is destroyed, the data on the drive may still be forensically recoverable This is why it is important to use a combination of degaussing and hard drive shredding to ensure would-be thieves and hackers cannot get access to any sensitive data A degausser will ensure that data cannot be recovered from the drive, keeping your customer’s data secure Shredding or crushing the drive will ensure the total destruction of any information and the drive itself.

Hard drives store information magnetically, with some data also stored within the RAM (Random Access Memory) chips The degausser’s magnetic field will ensure that information cannot be recovered At Whitaker Brothers, we stock a range of degaussing machines suitable for commercial organizations Looking for an extra level of security? View the NSA-listed degaussers, which meet the stringent approval requirements for top secret degaussing solutions.

There are different types of degaussing devices One of the most popular for businesses is the degaussing wand This is a lightweight and portable device that can fully erase information from disk drives and other magnetic media It is extremely effective, and its size makes it perfect for businesses without intensive hard drive destruction needs For organizations requiring heavy-duty hard drive destruction, you can instead opt for modules to attach to hard drive crushers and shredders to add an extra level of security to data destruction in your business.


Degaussers in the United States and around the world

As world leaders in the delivery of data destruction solutions, we here at Whitaker Brothers take information security seriously Boasting one of the most tenured teams in the United States, we offer the complete package Your journey with Whitaker Brothers doesn’t stop when you’ve made your purchase You’ll benefit from product support and access to our service center, where you can arrange repairs, buy spare parts, or discuss a service contract.

With more than 75 years of experience in the industry, we know that your business needs can change rapidly This is why we offer a range of services including degausser rental You’ll get to rent an NSA-approved degausser, ensuring your organization meets government destruction standards This is ideal for businesses with short-term degaussing requirements and gives you the opportunity to try the product before buying to ensure it is right for you.

Whitaker Brothers stock an extensive range of degausser devices for you to choose from We work alongside the biggest globally established brands to deliver the data destruction solutions your business needs Shop from Datastroyer, MBM, and more today.


What is a degausser?

A degausser is a device with a strong magnetic field, primarily used to disrupt hard drives and make the retrieval of data from them impossible They can be used on a variety of magnetic media to prevent hackers and thieves from stealing sensitive information.

What can degaussers destroy?

Degaussers can be used to destroy data saved on a variety of magnetic media This includes audio reel-to-reel and cassette tapes, computer and video tapes, and hard disk drives (HDD) However, degaussers will not work on solid-state drives (SSD).

What are the different types of degaussers?

There are a variety of different types of degaussers Primarily, businesses will see degaussing wands and degausser modules Degaussing wands are compact and portable devices, ideal for workplaces where the data destruction needs aren’t intense Degausser modules can attach to shredders and crushers to wipe drives before destruction.

Why should you use a degausser on a hard drive?

Destroying hard drives isn’t enough to completely wipe the data To prevent hackers and thieve from gaining access to sensitive information, a degausser should be used The strong magnetic force disrupts the hard drive and means that data cannot be retrieved from it.

Is degaussing safe?

Some people are concerned that degaussing is dangerous Thankfully, the World Health Organization has concluded that current evidence doesn’t confirm that there are any health consequences associated with exposure to the strong magnetic fields in degaussers.