Collection: Creasing, Perforating & Scoring Machines

Businesses creating booklets, brochures, or other paraphernalia may find that creasing, folding, perforating and scoring takes up a significant amount of time. This is where creasing machines can help. Designed to make creasing paper easier than ever, they create a uniform appearance ensuring that your materials have a polished and professional finish.

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Capable of producing a variety of different creases to suit your business needs, they speed up the process and provide a stunning end product every time Shop the range of high-quality creasing machines below.

Automatic and manual creasing machines

Creasing machines are designed to make mundane tasks a little easier Capable of processing multiple pieces of paper at once, they speed up the production process and enable your team to focus on other areas of operations

One reason businesses prefer these machines is that they give a uniform and professional finish every single time, ensuring that your brand delivers consistently.

You may find that manual paper folders are just what your business needs These low-tech machines are ideal for many organizations, as your team will have greater control over the process However, if your needs are greater, automatic creasing machines might be better They work independently of your team so that you can process papers quickly.

When it comes to creasing machines, there are a variety of different types to choose from Friction feed creasing machines work by using rollers or wheels to pull the paper into the machine This works with standard paper but may struggle to get the grip needed to pull glossy paper into the machine for folding If your business works with glossy paper, you may prefer an air feed creasing machine instead.


Creasing and perforating machines

Whitaker Brothers were first established in 1945, and we are an industry leader in data destruction and office equipment Our team works hard to provide your business with the automotive solutions you need By speeding up processes, you can improve productivity across your organization, and with an extensive range of products to choose from, we can help you find the ideal solution.

With names including Formax, Martin Yale, MBM, and Duplo to choose from, you’ll find a diverse range of options open to you These names are trusted for a reason They provide high-quality equipment which will last for a long time

Companies with intensive paper folding needs will find that the equipment listed here is perfect for them Prices start at around $1,000, making these scoring and perforating machines a great choice for the budget-conscious business. 

We offer both NSA and GSA Listed products and our dedicated team is available to answer your questions Whether you want to arrange a service contract to keep your equipment in top condition or you are simply looking for the best creasing machines near you, we can help Contact Whitaker Brothers today to receive honest and professional advice on the right equipment for your organization, or call us at (800) 243-9226.


What are creasing machines?

Creasing machines are machines used to create uniform creases and folders in paper or cards They can be used for a variety of purposes such as folding letters, brochures, leaflets, and more As a result, these versatile machines can be used in a number of different industries and organizations.


How do paper creasing machines work?

Regardless of whether you are using a friction feed or an air feed creasing machine, the machine will work by feeding the paper between two plates or rollers As the paper is pushed through it will be folded to provide the desired design.


What are the advantages of creasing machines?

Creasing machines are great for businesses where folding paper is a significant part of the process They can help to speed up the process and provide a clean, crisp finish every single time The professional appearance and time saved make these machines well worth it.


What material can you use in a creasing machine?

Different machines are capable of handling different types of material Some creasing machines can process only paper, but many others are capable of processing cards and other materials, such as glossy paper, with ease.


What is an air feed creasing machine?

Air feed creasing machines work by using air to draw the paper into the machine This prevents potential damage to the paper which can be caused by friction feed creasing machines.