Collection: Level 3/P-4 Paper Shredders

Since data misuse can have severe ramifications for enterprises, document security should be a primary concern for all businesses. While solutions such as firewalls and encryption can help keep digital data secure, many organizations continue to rely heavily on paper-based information. Businesses can avoid data theft and abuse by employing high-security shredders to destroy sensitive data securely.

Whitaker Brothers are globally renowned for the selling and servicing of government-grade security solutions, for the destruction of private and confidential data.

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    Security Level: Level 3/P-4
    Sheet Capacity: 650 sheets*
    Throat Width: 21"
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  • Security Level: Level 3/P-4
    Sheet Capacity: 450 sheets*
    Throat Width: 19.7"
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  • Security Level: Level 3/P-4
    Sheet Capacity: 450 sheets*
    Throat Width: 19.7"
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  • Security Level: Level 3/P-4
    Sheet Capacity: 550 sheets*
    Throat Width: 19.7"
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Our Level 3/P-4 security shredders have large capacity bins and broad paper entrances and are built to withstand continuous operation This makes them perfect for office shredding applications where sensitive data, such as financial, medical, and business papers, must be destroyed securely Invest in a high-quality paper shredder today to provide your company with the security it demands.

Protect your Business and Safeguard Sensitive Data with High-Security Paper Shredders

Level 3/P-4 cross-cut shredders produce extremely fine shreds of 0.25 square inches (160 mm2) of paper particles, with a width of 0.24 inches (6 mm) This makes reassembling the pieces incredibly difficult, making them the ideal shredder for destroying sensitive data.

Our shredders are quiet, user-friendly, and energy-efficient, due to features like the Safety Protection System (SPS) and Energy Saving Mode (ESM) Protect your business with high-security shredders today.

Our high-quality paper shredders are available in a variety of models, each with a plethora of practical features and functions We have shredders from the best manufacturers including Datastroyer, MBM, HSM, Intimus and Formax, as well as our own Whitaker Brothers brand Whether it is for professional, business, industrial, or personal usage, we offer a shredder to meet any demand Invest in a cutting-edge paper shredder now to ensure the smooth and efficient operation of your business.

Medium Level Protection for Shredders for Offices, Medical Clinics, and Finances

Whitaker Brothers is a globally reputable supplier and manufacturer of high-security paper shredders Our robust shredders meet stringent regulatory requirements and are excellent for any company dealing with sensitive data. 

Not sure which Level 3/P-4 shredder is right for you? With over 75 years of expertise in the industry, Whitaker Brothers are prepared to serve you with reliable, honest, and knowledgeable advice Contact our professional and qualified team immediately for comprehensive assistance at (800) 243-9226.

Here at Whitaker Brothers, we have been awarded factory certifications from over 30 manufacturers This means we are uniquely qualified in replacing and repairing shredder parts For further information or to schedule an appointment with one of our skilled technicians, please visit our Service Center.

If you would like help finding the best shredder for your business, please do not hesitate to contact our highly qualified personnel, who will be delighted to help you. 

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What are the various shredder security levels?

The security levels of paper shredders range from P-1 to P-7 P-1 is the least secure while P-7 is the most secure P-1 and P-2 shredders are ideal for general shredding, while P-3 and P-4 shredders are more suited to moderately private papers.

P-5 shredders are used to destroy confidential company papers holding financial, strategic, and/or personal data, while P-6 and P-7 shredders provide the highest level of protection and are best for highly sensitive government documents.

For more information on shredder security levels, please see our Paper Shredder Security Levels Chart.

Why is having a high-quality paper shredder important for my business?

Security breaches occur when unauthorized persons access paper documents Businesses that want to boost their security and prevent identity theft should, therefore, invest in high-quality paper shredders In addition, some industries and companies, such as healthcare facilities and accounting firms, may have regulatory requirements to maintain data security.

What are the benefits of a cross-cut shredder?

One of the key advantages of cross-cut shredders is that they produce small paper particles, which makes them more secure than other forms of shredding This is critical for firms looking to destroy papers containing sensitive data, such as Social Security Numbers and medical PII data Cross-cut shredder waste also compresses more than strip cuts and requires less frequent emptying.

Why do I need to oil my shredder?

Over time, shredders accumulate dust and residue which can cause paper sheets to stick to the cutters Shredder oil prevents this from happening and works to promote optimal operation It does this by softening packed dust and preventing sticky residue This allows the paper to travel freely through the cutter’s head.


What is the best way to unjam a paper shredder?

Before unjamming a shredder, make sure it is switched off and unplugged Then empty any waste and remove the shredder’s lid Dispose of any paper from the shredder’s head and blades If required, carefully remove stubborn paper shreds using a screwdriver. 

Before continuing to use the shredder, make sure it is functioning properly by feeding it only one sheet of paper If the shredder remains jammed, lubricate it with a small amount of oil and repeat the above steps.