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HSM® Shredders & Recycling Equipment

Since 1971, HSM has been a pioneer in developing and distributing not only high quality shredders, but environmentally conscious recycling, and compacting equipment as well. All HSM products are German engineered to provide the highest quality at the most affordable price. Whitaker Brothers offers a large selection of HSM products including their full line of innovative shredders ranging from small, personal shredders for the home to high security, specialty shredders, and even high volume industrial shredders.

HSM’s main focus has always been on recycling and finding ways to reduce the volume of recyclable materials.

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This company’s concern and commitment to protecting the environment is evident in their products HSM is a leading manufacturer of recycling equipment such as bottle crushers, bailing systems, and cardboard shredders and perforators More and more companies are discovering that these machines not only help to preserve the environment but save money as well If you would like more information or would like to discuss whether this equipment would benefit your business, please feel free to contact our Whitaker Brothers sales team.

HSM is known world-wide for its “Made in Germany” standard of quality For more than 40 years their product range has covered the full cycle from shredding to compacting and bailing Whitaker Brothers offers all HSM products at the lowest prices found anywhere on the web.