Collection: Thermoform T Series

Considered the most popular unit in the thermoform line, the T Series granulators offer an ideal solution for inline processing of thermoformed scrap, including formed parts in the web The T series also power through skeletal scrap with and without formed parts, expanded polystyrene, high impact polystyrene, HDPE, ABS, PET, and CPET. The feed roll infeed (paddle optional) processes material in line with a constant pulling force adjusted to the line speed of your thermoformer.

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Thanks to the versatility of the T Series, these granulators can be positioned either under or in front of the trim process The knives are HCHC (D-2) steel, specially-heat treated with Cumberland’s proprietary process guarantee a long life and decreases knife maintenance and replacement costs The removable front panel allows for total access to the cutting chamber for easy cleaning and adjustment