MBM Destroyit 4002 Cross Cut Shredder Bundle Level 3/P-4
MBM Destroyit 4002 Shredder Bundle - Level 3 CC Shredders MBM Ideal
MBM Destroyit 4002 Shredder Bundle - Level 3 CC Shredders MBM Ideal
MBM Destroyit 4002 Shredder Bundle - Level 3 CC Shredders MBM Ideal

MBM Destroyit 4002 Shredder Bundle - Level 3 CC Shredders MBM Ideal
MBM Destroyit 4002 Shredder Bundle - Level 3 CC Shredders MBM Ideal
MBM Destroyit 4002 Shredder Bundle - Level 3 CC Shredders MBM Ideal

MBM Destroyit 4002 Cross Cut Shredder Bundle

  • Security: Level 3/P-4
  • Sheet Capacity: 26 sheets*
  • Throat: 16"
  • GTIN/UPC: 096224656895
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Basic Specs of the MBM Destroyit 4002 Cross Cut Shredder

  • Security Level: Level 3/P-4
  • Particle Size: 316 inch x 1 12 inches
  • Shred Speed: 25 feet/minute
  • Sheet Capacity: Up to 26 sheets*
  • Throat Width: 16 inches
  • Continuous Duty: Yes

The MBM Destroyit 4002 Bundle Includes:

The Destroyit 4002 cross cut is the prime choice for most offices looking for a centralized office shredder. This bundle comes with the 4002 shredder and the gallon conversion kit, a perfect pair of productivity for office shredding.

About the Gallon Bundle

Why use gallons? - Out of the box, the 4002 uses quart bottles for it's auto oiler. Gallon bottles are less expensive, last longer between changes, and they make it easier to know how much oil is left in the bottle. Using gallons was a hugely popular request by our customers, which is why we created a custom bracket made for the 4002 that will easily hold gallon instead of quart bottles.

How It Works - We made the bracket as easy as possible to install. Simply lift the shredder head by opening the door and tilting the head back slightly. With the cabinet exposed, simply slip on the gallon bracket hook and you're ready to go. No need for screws or tools. You can position the bracket closer to the front or back depending on your preference. Most customers prefer it placed about 70% to the rear of the shredder to keep it out of the way.

About the Oil - The gallon bottles contain high viscosity specially engineered shredder oil, the same formula used by most major shredder manufacturers. It is not cooking oil, motor oil, or any other type of relabeled oil found by other retailers. Our oil is produced just for shredders, and will absolutely not have any impact on your warranty. Our oil lubricates the cutting shaft while at the same time cleaning harmful buildup of paper dust that can wear on the internal components. Don't worry about using too much oil. Using gallon jugs does not make the shredder consume more. It is simply a larger reservoir. Oiling a cross cut shredder is an essential part of maintaining the life of your investment. The 4002 shredder easily will last you over 10 years. Make oiling easier, and cheaper. Take out the hassle of refilling the quart bottle and save money over the entire course of your shredder's life with the capability of converting your shredder to gallon bottles.

Video of the Destroyit 4002 Shredder

About the Destroyit 4002

Destroyit shredders are known for their track record of being super durable commercial-grade shredders. The 4002cc is an ideal example of this. It's a major step-up from the 2604 because of it's increased sheets per pass and the wider throat width. The pictures alone don't do the comparison justice. When using the shredder, you will notice that the motor is more powerful, the throat width is more forgiving, both contributing to an increased sheet capacity.

Generous 16" Throat - The throat width is the most noticeable difference. Going from a 10" throat to a 16" is quite a large jump. This allows user to feed paper lying in horizontal or vertical stacks, so a mess of paper pointing many different directions goes down naturally, without snagging on the sides of the shredder or worrying about fold-over jamming.

Tougher Larger Motor - The 4002 CC is equipped with a larger motor to better handle the longer cutting shaft and to power through more paper. The 4002 has a 1 ¾ HP motor, ¾ more than the 2604. Stronger motors also mean the shredder isn't working as hard to do the same amount of shredding, so in theory, you could get more lifespan out of this larger unit. To be honest, though, we rarely see these motors have issues. They generally will outlive other components of the machines. We've literally had to retire working MBM shredders that were so old they were essentially antiques and no longer met office safety standards. We use a 4002 for the 2nd floor of our office, and we can tell you from experience that it has enough power to take care of both daily shredding and bulk shredding needs with confidence.

Other Notable Features - When shopping for an office shredder, it's easy to get caught up in specs, but that's not really what makes the Destroyit 4002 so popular. As with the other models in MBM's family, it's the culmination of years of honing the shredding experience, tying in many small features into a single cohesive shredding machine.

Horizontal Feeding - When you're trying to shred documents, you're likely trying to get it done, and get back to work. Too many shredders out there can meet the specs of sheet capacity, but shredding isn't as smooth as it is on the 4002cc. They have vertical feeding or tops that don't seat just right, so paper can get caught if it's not dropped in the shredder just so." Some of the 4002's smoothness is because of Destroyit's horizontal paper path. Sliding messy stacks of paper from the front of the machine into the shredding area is fast and natural. This really helps with bulk shredding when you're fanning stacks of paper steadily into the cutting head.

ECC or (Feed Meter) - The Electronic Capacity Control, or feed meter as we like to call it, measures how hard the shredder is working. It's a light meter that rises as the paper level increases down the shredder's throat width. The more paper that's fed into the shredder, the higher the light meter gets. As the lights reach the red zone, the chance of a jam increases. Reducing jams reduces the wear and tear on the gears and other internal components, giving your shredder a longer life span. This not only prevents jams, but it educates the user about the optimum pace to feed paper for the best performance.

Internal Auto Oiler - As one of the original inventors of the auto oiler years ago, we're no stranger to the technology. The oilers that are not built into the shredders are smooth, quiet, efficient and dependable. The best part about having an oiler right from the factory is that it's built right into the control panel of the shredder with a status light, so it's a fully integrated system. Our favorite part about the auto oiler is that you don't even notice it's there. It's all inside the shredder head, and it's so quiet you can't even hear it, unlike some that seem to have a droning sound when they pump. The best accessory for an auto oiler is a gallon reservoir, so you're in the right spot with this 4002 gallon bundle.

SPS Safety Shield - The Safety Protection System's main purpose is obviously safety, but this well designed shield also helps protect the shredder as well. Any unwanted objects, be that a finger or a metal object that could damage the cutting head, is not permitted down the throat when the shield is lifted. It's simple and it works. No over-engineered sensors or electronics to fail here. We see that type of failure all the time with other systems. The SPS system also helps to prevent too much paper from entering the throat, stopping unnecessary jamming.

Casters - The casters on the 4002 are strong, smooth, and swivel 360 degrees. Too many shredder manufacturers go cheap with casters. Cheap casters often only roll one way (usually side to side), making moving the shredder awkward at best. They easily break, and when they do, it's not just the casters that need to be replaced. Broken casters usually break the cabinet as well. This is one of the most common shredder problems we see with some other brands. It's good to see evidence of MBM's goal to produce shredding equipment that lasts for years, and a shredder is sometimes only as good as the casters it rests on.

Shred Bin - Changing a shredder bag is the biggest hassle you will have with a shredder. You want to make it as simple as humanly possible to give no excuses to lucky employee that runs into the bag full" light. No wire cages, pull out drawers, or shotty cardboard bins here. Destroyit went to the drawing table a few years and designed a simple plastic bin that's light as well as strong. It's engineered to let the bag slide out, even when completely stuffed with shred. It's so straightforward that even the lazy guy in the office can do it!

Cord - The 4002 actually comes with a power cable that reaches an outlet! Sure it's a small victory, but it's just one more sign of how MBM/Ideal thinks about the users when they design their shredders.

Color - The new models are all equipped with a lighter more modern color. It's a silvery white that blends in nicely into office environments. The old color was a bit darker and more of a cream, and we think the newer shade really makes the shredders look a lot more modern like other pieces of tech in your office.

Lifetime Warranty - The lifetime warranty on this shredder is the ultimate proof that MBM produces quality in their Destroyit shredders. The 4002 is the epitome of this dedication to quality. The cutting shaft is covered for the lifetime of the shredder. The only thing it doesn't cover is obvious abuse, putting metal through the shaft. It's easy to give a good warranty to a product that hardly ever breaks. Take it from our service department that have been doing repairs for decades. This is a rock solid shredder machine.

The Bottom Line - If you're looking for a centralized office shredder, look no further than the 4002 (bundle). It just works like a piece of equipment should. It will last so long that by the time you need a new shredder, your office might finally actually be paperless. Looking for something bigger? Check out the Destroyit 4005 CC. Another option, would be to just get two of the 4002s. Have any questions on this shredder, bundle, or any other shredding options out there? That's what we're here for! Chat us or give us call. Our shredder specialists are standing by!

Manufacturer Name Destroyit by MBM
Throat Size/Feed Opening 16 inches
Shred Speed 25 feet/minute
Shred Size 3/16" x 1 1/2"
Oiler Fully Automatic
Security Level Level 3/P-4
Cut Type Cross Cut
Sheet Capacity Up to 26*
Shreds Credit Cards? Yes
Shreds Paper Clips? Yes
Shreds Staples? Yes
Peak HP 3 1/2 HP**
Horsepower 1 3/4 HP
Disclosures * Capacity varies with grain, size, quality & paper weight and sufficient power supply.
** Please use actual HP as a specification for determining value. Use of Peak HP is for comparison purposes only where other than Actual HP is used.
Continuous Motor Yes
Model # 4002
Weight 240 lbs.
Height 38 1/4"
Width 25 1/4"
Depth 23 1/4"
Voltage 115 Volts; other voltages available
Warranty Click here to view warranty
Shipping Weight 240 lbs.
Shipping Length 29
Shipping Width 39
Shipping Height 31


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