WBBM 98M Paper Folder
WBBM 98M Manual Tabletop Paper Folder

WBBM 98M Paper Folder
WBBM 98M Paper Folder https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PTZTZP6obBc?rel=0

WBBM 98M Manual Tabletop Paper Folder

  • SKU: WHI98M
  • Max Paper Weight: 116.63 gsm
  • Max Paper Size: 8.5" x 14"
  • Adjustment: Manual
  • Feed Type: Friction
  • Fold Types: Letter, Half, Z-fold, Double Parallel
  • GTIN/UPC: 00708562037952
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The WBBM 98M Paper Folder is a friction feed manual folder featuring a digital control panel and push-button operation.

Basic Specs of the WBBM 98M Paper Folder

  • Speed: 7,200 sheets/hour
  • Sheet Capacity: Up to 150 sheets.
  • Fold Types: Letter, Half-fold, Z-fold and Double-Parallel
  • Paper Size: 4" x 5" to 8.5" x 14"
  • Max Paper Weight: 116.63 g/m² / 31# Bond / 66# Index
  • Duty Cycle: Light Duty
  • Adjustment: Manual
  • Feed Type: Friction
  • Multi-sheet: No

Features of the WBBM 98M Paper Folder

  • Set the fold type with an easy-to-use selector knob.
  • Retractable feed tray and stacking tray for easier storage.
  • Digital counter with batch functions.
  • Ability to run the machine in test mode.
  • Non or semi gloss paper only; Please call us for glossy/coated stock.

Fold Types for the WBBM 98M Folder

There are four different fold types available for the 98M: (1) Letter fold (Tri-fold, C-fold), (2) Half-fold (Single fold), (3) Z-fold (Accordion, Zig Zag), and (4) Double-Parallel.

(1)Letter/Tri/C Fold (2)Half/Single Fold (3)Z/Accordion Fold (4)Double Parallel Fold

Proper maintenance is the key to extending the life of your paper folding machine. Protect your investment by adding the 98M Folder Maintenance Kit to your cart.

Video of the WBBM 98M Paper Folder

Description of the WBBM 98M Paper Folder

The 98M is a manual paper folder from Whitaker Brothers. One of the least expensive options in its category, the 98M is ideal for churches, schools and other small companies with low volume loads of paper. This compact, reliable folder is one of the best folders you can get in its price range. It comes with color coded fold plate marks so even an untrained employee can master this machine quickly and easily.

The user-friendly settings offer a programmable counter, that include batch and total functions. Instead of having to manually configure your settings for each project, these programmable options eliminate this burden and save you time. This folder handles paper sizes as small as 4" x 5" and as large as 8 ½" x 14" and paper weights between 16 and 80 lbs. offset. With a powered, removable exit conveyor and exit tray, not only will it produce your folded materials in a tidy folded stack, this makes is a compact choice that will fit well in any home or office. The folder also comes with an automatic stop feature that will automatically stop after the last piece of paper in your batch is finished, ultimately preventing overheating

The 98M folder from Whitaker Brothers is the new version of the tried and true 93M, with a few added improvements. Just like the old version of this machine, the 98M can make a half fold, tri fold, z fold, and a double parallel fold at a capacity up to 150 sheets and a rate of 7,200 sheets per hour. However with the 98M, you no longer need to reverse the fold plate while administering a double fold job like the tri fold, z fold, or double parallel fold. Another added feature of the 98M is the new ability to run the machine in test mode. Test mode lets you run a few samples of your paper to test your folds and make minor adjustments to the fold plates as necessary.

Along with its new functions and features, the 98M also features a higher quality build than its predecessor. The newest folder from Whitaker Brothers has reengineered the lock plates to separate the rollers to prevent them from deformation due to long time pressing against each other. This lets customers run the new machine without any strange noises coming from the rollers touching. The last change from the 93M to 98M is the fold plates are now packaged individually. This gives the machine better packaging protection, ensuring it safely arrives to the user every time.

A true customer favorite, the 93M retires and passes the torch to the 98M. With all of the favorite functions and features of the old folder as well as new and improved additions, it's easy to see why the 98M is a top selling folder.

Paper Weight Conversion

Want to better understand paper weight & paper stock? See our Paper Weight Conversion Chart for definitions, paper weight and stock information.

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We strongly advise that you properly maintain your paper folding machine - please see our 98M Folder Maintenance Kit for more information.

Product Identification

Manufacturer Name Whitaker Brothers
Model 98M
Type Paper Folder

Technical Specifications

Fold Types Half, Letter, Z, Double Parallel
Feed Type Friction-fed
Fold Adjustment Setting Semi-automatic fold adjustment
Feed Tray Capacity Up to 150
Speed 7,200 sheets per hour
Paper Size 4x5 inches to 8-1/2 x 14 inches
Max Paper Weight 116.63 g/m² / 31# Bond / 66# Index

Power and Electrical

Voltage 120 Volts/60Hz

Dimensions and Weight

Dimensions 14" L x 25" W x 16.75" H
Product Weight 39 lbs.


Ask a Question
  • Can this fold paper with a perforated edge?

    Folding perforated paper isn't a problem, you just have to make sure the paper weight and sizes are in spec.

  • How many sheets can be folded together as one unit? In other words, if I have a 2-page letter, can I fold the two pages together as one or do I need to fold each page individually?

    There is no paper folder on the market capable of taking sets of paper in a fully automatic fashion and folding them together. That is the domain of a folder-inserter but not a paper folder. There are a few models out there with a dedicated slot where you can put a set of documents in, press a button, and it will suck them in and fold them simultaneously together. That is called a multisheet feeder. The problem is that that multisheet feeders are slow and prone to skewing. The buyers of those models typically give up on multisheet feeding fairly quickly and just fold the pieces through the standard feeder, marrying them up by hand afterwards. It's decidedly quicker than folding sets through the multisheet feeders.