MBM 208J Friction Feed Manual Paper Folder
MBM 208J Manual Paper Folder Folders MBM Ideal
MBM 208J Manual Paper Folder Folders MBM Ideal
MBM 208J Manual Paper Folder Folders MBM Ideal

MBM 208J Manual Paper Folder Folders MBM Ideal
MBM 208J Manual Paper Folder Folders MBM Ideal
MBM 208J Manual Paper Folder Folders MBM Ideal

MBM 208J Friction Feed Manual Paper Folder

  • SKU: MBM208J-0601
  • Max Paper Weight: 115 gsm
  • Max Paper Size: 11" x 17"
  • Adjustment: Manual
  • Feed Type: Friction
  • Fold Types: Letter, Half, Z-fold, Double Parallel, Gate
  • GTIN/UPC: 096224657595
  • Mfr. Part No.: FO0601
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Basic Specs of the MBM 208J Manual Paper Folder

  • Max Paper Weight: 115 g/m² / 30# Bond / 65# Index
  • Fold Types: Half, Letter, Z-Fold, Double Parallel, Fold Out, and Gate
  • Paper Size: 3.5" x 5" to 11" x 17"
  • Paper Type: Non or Semi-Gloss Paper Only, Call us for Glossy or Coated Stock
  • Speed: 14,400 sheets/hour
  • Duty Cycle: Commercial Grade
  • Adjustment: Manual
  • Feed Type: Friction
  • Multi-sheet: No

Features of the MBM 208J Manual Paper Folder

  • Fold plates with clear graphics and measurements
  • Special folding modes include Noise Reduction Mode, Thick Paper Mode and Quick Mode
  • Load and unload from the same side
  • Accessories to create cross fold - included
  • Quick release rollers for easier cleaning and maintenance
  • Control panel with LED 4-digit counter

Fold Types for the MBM 208J Folder

There are seven different fold types available for the 208J: (1) Letter fold (Tri-fold, C-fold), (2) Half-fold (Single fold), (3) Z-fold (Accordion, Zig Zag), (4) Double-Parallel, (5) Gate (Open Gate, Brochure), and (6) Engineering (Short Z, Fold Out, Half Accordion)

(1)Letter/Tri/C Fold (2)Half/Single Fold (3)Z/Accordion Fold (4)Double Parallel Fold (5)Gate/Brochure Fold (6)Engineer Fold

Proper maintenance is the key to extending the life of your paper folding machine. We strongly advise that you protect your investment by adding the MBM 208J Paper Folder Maintenance Kit to your cart.

Video of the MBM 208J Manual Folder

MBM 208J Product Description

The 208J manual friction feed folder is one of MBMs most popular folders. This model has taken the place of the now retired 207M. It comes with many of the same loved specifications as the 207M but also adds a few new features that customers love. The 208J boasts a simple setup and clear, easy to read fold plate graphics and measurements to ensure accurate folds every single time. This folder can accurately fold half, letter, z-fold, double parallel, fold-out, gate and cross folds with ease, among a variety of other custom folds. The 208J also allows for a full ream of 500 sheets of paper, between 12 and 80 lbs., to be inserted into the load tray. Just like its predecessor, the 208J comes with a Test option to allow two sheets of your material to be run through the machine, ensuring that the fold will work for you on your paper size and weight. The paper is loaded and unloaded on the same side, and comes standard with an extended exit tray to ensure neat stacking of folded materials.

This model was designed with easy customer use in mind. It features quick release rollers which allow regular maintenance and cleaning to be achieved easily. Its also built with high quality heavy duty steel making it very durable. The top of the 208J has a control panel featuring a four digit LED counter with addition and subtraction functions. This control panel allows the user to set number of papers to be folded and allows you to engage one of the special folding modes. These modes are:

  • Noise Reduction Mode: Noise Reduction Mode allows the user to operate the folder and a quiet level. The perfect solution for offices that may be tight on space, and employees have to work in the same room as the folder.
  • Thick Paper Mode: Thick Paper Mode allows for users to fold paper up to 80 lbs. in weight with no discrepancy in folding quality.
  • Quick Mode: Some users like to call it Turbo Mode because its so fast. This setting allows for paper to be folded at an astonishing 14,400 sheets per hour. 

With so many old, loved features from the 207M carried over to this machine, its safe to say the 208J will be the go-to friction feed folder for small to medium sized batches.

Want to know how to properly maintain your 208J Folder?
See our MBM 208J Maintenance Kit.

MBM 208J Features

  • Fold Plate Graphics: Fold plates with clear graphics and measurements ensure accurate paper stop placement.
  • Extended Exit Tray: An extra long exit tray ensures neat stacking of finished jobs.
  • Quick Release Rollers: The quick release rollers make regular maintenance and cleaning easy.

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We strongly advise you properly maintain your paper folding machine - please see our MBM 208J Folder Maintenance Kit for more information.

Manufacturer Name MBM
Model # 208J
Feed Type Friction-fed
Fold Adjustment Setting Manual fold adjustment
Feed Tray Capacity Up to 500
Fold Speed 14,400 sheets/hour
Fold Types Half Fold, Letter Fold (Tri), Z Fold, Double Parallel Fold, Cross Fold (requires 2-pass)
Pre-programmed Standard Folds 6
Counter Yes
Batcher Yes
Accepted Paper Sizes 3" x 5" to 11" x 17"
Accepted Paper Weights 12 to 80 lbs.
Weight 67 lbs.
Height 19 1/2"
Width 40 1/2"
Depth 20 7/8"
Voltage 115 Volts; other voltages available
Warranty Click here to view warranty
Shipping Weight 73 lbs.
Shipping Length 21.5
Shipping Width 40.6
Shipping Height 19.7


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