Collection: MBM Triumph 430EP Sticks Knives Parts

MBM cutters are built using an all-metal design,but cutter parts aren’t as and will eventually wear down after constant use. Parts wearability affects cutter performance, so in order to maximize paper cutting, replace knives and sticks when needed. The electric blade of the Triumph 430 EP will cut through a paper stack 1.5 inches high, but don’t try it with a dull knife.

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Once sticks and knives are worn down, make sure to replace them Other supplies, including bulbs, can also be easily replaced If you don't see the part you were looking for, don't worry! We have a full inventory of parts, and we're ready to help you find just what you need If you need assistance, just fill out the form using the button below, or call 800-243-9226 and ask for our Parts Department.

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