Collection: NSA-Approved Shredders

Browse our collection of reliable, National Security Agency (NSA) approved shredders that offer high performance consistently. NSA-listed shredders from Whitaker Brothers ensure data is destroyed securely and with the utmost discretion. Here you’ll find robust equipment to demolish financial records, top secret information, sensitive data, and private documents..
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    Security Level: Level 6/P-7
    Sheet Capacity: 15 sheets*
    Throat Width: 9.4" Paper; 4.9" CDs
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With our NSA-approved shredders, you can protect yourself against unauthorized access, a data breach, or corporate espionage. You can also protect clients and employees against identity theft.

Safeguard the reputation of your business or agency today, and prevent the costly legal consequences that result from data security issues.

What are NSA-Approved Shredders?

NSA-approved shredders are high-security paper shredders that adhere to stringent NSA protocols. To receive NSA certification, the paper shredding machine must produce shards measuring 1 mm by 5 mm, or less. NSA guidelines also recommend paying attention to shredder specifications such as operating times and throughput. This is so the shredders can meet the requirements of government bodies, defense contractors, and similar agencies.

Our Products on the NSA Shredder List

All shredders in the Whitaker Brothers’ Datastroyer and Destroyit series are on the NSA-approved shredder list. This means our high-security paper shredders have undergone rigorous testing in order to comply with NSA regulations. Our Datastroyer and Destroyit shredders meet all operational, administrative, mechanical, power, safety, and environmental qualifications outlined by the NSA.

On this page, you’ll find a variety of free-standing and tabletop, heavy-duty paper shredders with the security level 6/P-7, as demanded for NSA approval and data security regulations. These durable machines are meant to be kept on-site in a number of environments, from offices to barracks.

Choose a medium to high-capacity cross-cut paper shredder, or paper & optical media combo shredder. Equipped with cutting-edge technology, paper & optical media combo shredders eradicate items such as credit cards, IDs, compact discs, and DVDs. We also offer portable NSA-approved shredders such as the Datastroyer Deployment series, which is ideal for mobile data destruction.

The Importance of High-Security Paper Shredders

At Whitaker Brothers, we understand the delicate nature of the documents you work with. That’s why we engineered high-security paper shredders with the capability to destroy documents for COMSEC (Communications Security) and those labeled Top Secret. These machines’ cross-cut blades shred paper into minute particles that can’t be recovered by malicious actors.

Furthermore, using an NSA-approved shredder establishes compliance with GDPR and HIPAA regulations. This means any business or agency can be assured that they are handling people’s data correctly and safely, which gives employees or clients a peace of mind.

Our high-security paper shredders operate in three modes - standard, silent, and performance. This means you have the option to select silent mode to shred documents and optical media discreetly when necessary. However, you can choose performance mode when it’s necessary to process classified media at volume.

Many of our NSA-listed shredders are equipped with anti-jam technology and an automatic oiler. This means your shredder will function efficiently at all times. This is key for mission-critical operations, as you can’t risk not being able to destroy confidential information at short notice.

Choose an NSA-approved shredder from Whitaker Brothers to securely dispose of data and intellectual property. Preserve the integrity of your institution, and maintain the trust of the public and your clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who needs NSA-approved shredders?

Government agencies, military organizations, defense contractors, and businesses handling highly sensitive information need NSA-approved shredders to execute the complete destruction of documents and comply with strict security standards.

What features make NSA-approved shredders so secure?

NSA-listed shredders use hardened, sharp, cross-cut blades and advanced cutting mechanisms to shred media and paper materials into fine particles. They can operate at low sound volumes for the purposes of discretion.

To make the NSA shredder list, these devices must have a clear and visible label that has the company name, model number, and serial number. These shredders should come with accurate documentation and manuals. There must be a debris bin that collects at least 99% of particles so that no pieces are lost.

How do I choose a high-security shredder?

Choose a shredder with a high security level rating. In fact, security level P-7 indicates top security. When researching high-security shredders, consider aspects such as safety features, compliance, durability, volume, and the brand’s reputation.

What maintenance do high-security paper shredders need?

To properly maintain a high-security paper shredder, you should regularly oil the blades and clean the machine to avoid paper jams. You must empty waste at regular intervals. You may wish to opt for professional servicing so your machine performs optimally and has a long life.