Collection: NSA Listed Data Destruction Equipment

The highest standard for data destruction is specified by the NSA Evaluated Products List (EPL). As a pioneer in high-security destruction equipment, we take pride in offering one of the largest collections of commercial-grade devices for government-level data destruction. Everything listed below has undergone extensive evaluation by the NSA to guarantee it meets or exceeds federal security requirements.

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High-Security Paper Shredders and Optical Media Destruction for your Business

Paper shredders are no longer sufficient to safeguard the security of your company's data. To provide ultimate security, CDs, DVDs, backup tapes and hard drives must all be destroyed. Whitaker Brothers take pride in stocking data destruction equipment that successfully handles all media formats to meet this demand. Take a look at our collection of Optical Media Destruction devices or for shredders that can cut both paper and discs, check out our NSA-approved combination shredders.

Our high-end data destruction collection is available in several and offers a variety of handy features and capabilities. We stock units from reputable, industry-leading brands including Datastroyer, Formax, MDM Ideal HSM, and Intimus. Whether it's for professional, business, industrial, or residential usage, we have the perfect data destruction device for you. Invest in NSA-approved asset destruction today.

Destroy Government-Level Documents, Hard Drives, Films, Currency & Passports

Whitaker Brothers has been in the high-security data destruction business since 1945, with more than 75 years of expertise. This qualifies us to provide you with the most valuable and high-quality shredders on the market.

If you need assistance selecting the right NSA authorized shredders for your company or would like more information about our products or services, please contact one of our knowledgeable specialists who will be happy to assist you further. Contact Whitaker Brothers today to take advantage of our world-class expertise.

Whitaker Brothers has a dedicated and experienced team of specialists ready to answer any questions you may have and ensure that your shredders are in top working order. We have factory certifications from over 30 manufacturers. This means that we have everything we need to assist you with replacing or repairing a shredder component. Please visit our Service Center for further information or to make an appointment with a technician.


What is the NSA?

The National Security Organization (NSA) is a United States intelligence agency within the Department of Defense. It is responsible for cryptology, communications intelligence, and security and is headquartered in Fort Meade, Maryland. The objective of the agency is to safeguard and develop codes, ciphers, and other cryptology for the US military and other government agencies. Electronic and other technologies are also used to intercept, analyze, and decrypt coded communications.

What do NSA-approved paper shredders mean?

NSA-approved shredders refer to shredders that have been evaluated by the NSA and can safely destroy top-secret, private, and confidential information. Shredders must have a level P-7 security rating to be authorized by the NSA. This stipulates that after shredding, all federal CUI papers, such as FOUO (For Official Use Only), PII (Personal Identifiable Information), and SBU (Sensitive but Unclassified), must measure 1mm by 5mm or smaller.

What is the highest security level for a shredder?

Because they are NSA-approved for use at U.S. federal institutions and permanently destroy private data, paper shredders with the security level P-7 are the best shredders for extremely sensitive data protection. This is why U.S. military and government confidential materials must be destroyed at the P-7 level of security.

Why type of shredder cut does the NSA approve?

The NSA approves cross-cut or micro-cut shredders, which contain two blades that cut papers into incredibly small fragments. The result is a criss-cross cut rather than a straight down cut. This disintegrates the document into confetti, making it impossible to reassemble.