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Explore our collection of state-of-the-art envelope openers. At Whitaker Brothers, we supply high-speed, manual and automatic letter openers to suit a variety of operations, from small offices to industrial settings. Increase productivity in your organization’s mailroom by processing large volumes of mail quickly..
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An automatic letter opener is an enormous time-saver, and opens thousands of envelopes per hour. This allows employees to streamline their mail handling duties, and their business can save on labor costs. With a more organized mailroom environment, mailroom employees can assist their colleagues quicker. Employees receive their mail faster, and are able to respond to letters rapidly.

Moreover, automatic envelope openers are more safe than completing the process manually. You’ll see no more paper cuts, and no more accidentally torn letters.

The Importance of Letter Opener Machines

Automation is the future - busy businesses need solutions that can speed up processes.

Offices large and small will benefit from the enhanced efficiency an automatic letter opener provides. Mail opening machines can be operated by themselves. This means you can leave the machine running while you carry out other important tasks and duties.

What’s more, tabletop letter opener machines from Whitaker Brothers are lightweight, and can be moved around an office easily. While industrial models are incredibly robust, they are able to withstand harsh environments.

Manual & Automatic Envelope Opener Features

Both manual and automatic envelope openers from Whitaker Brothers have outstanding capacities, and open stacks of mail at a high-speed. Small desktop models open thousands of envelopes per hour. Larger industrial models open tens of thousands of envelopes per hour.

Our automatic envelope openers have incredibly useful features that cater to all types of administrative needs. Some models, for instance, are equipped with a printer. This allows you to stamp the date and time of opening, or any custom information you need, onto mail.

At Whitaker Brothers, we value performance, so you’ll only find top-rated equipment in our catalogue. Features such as automatic jam detection will enable your letter opener machines to always function optimally.

Expect minimal waste from your mail-opening machine since the paper debris is easy to dispose of. Waste is collected in a sturdy, high-capacity bin. This guarantees that your office or workstation always stays clean and tidy.

Mail Opening Machine Uses

Automatic envelope openers from Whitaker Brothers are simple to use. All you need to do is position a stack of envelopes in place, and the machine will do the rest. By using a continuous automatic feed, mail opening machines are operated entirely hands-free.

Our letter opener machines are rich in safety features. Many models, for instance, have non-skid feet, which keeps the machine sturdy and in place. Sharp blades are always enclosed inside the letter opener machines. Also, you don’t have to worry about getting paper cuts, as our automatic letter openers have soft, feathered edges.

What’s great about our automatic letter openers is anybody can use them with little to no operational experience required. Our letter opener machines are engineered with easy use in mind. They have advanced technology that reduces the need for sorting, prevents jogging, jamming, and therefore require little operator interference.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use an automatic letter opener?

Naturally, various automatic letter openers will work slightly differently. But typically, you would simply insert the envelope into the machine's designated slot. The machine will automatically feed the envelope through, slit the edge open, and eject the opened envelope into a mail tray for convenience.

Are mail opening machines worth it?

Mail opening machines are an excellent investment for businesses that handle large volumes of mail. They save time, improve efficiency, reduce manual labor, and minimize the risk of damaging the contents of each envelope.

How do I choose the correct letter opener for my business?

To choose the correct letter opener for your business, consider the volume of mail you process, the machine's speed, its size, and any additional features you may require. As you browse automatic letter openers, be sure to read the specifications for each model to find one that matches your specific needs.