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One of the top manufacturers in mailroom and paper handling & finishing solutions is Formax. Known for their digital printers, shredders, folders, pressure sealers and more, their equipment can help you streamline operations and make mail processing less costly and more efficient. With prices for machinery starting from $765 and accessories from $49, you’ll find what your organization needs to suit your budget.

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Formax machines and accessories

Keeping data safe is vital to any organization, regardless of industry. Paper shredders are some of the most popular pieces of equipment for businesses, effectively destroying data and preventing potential fraud or theft. The Formax shredder range covers all security levels from Level 2/P-2 strip-cut shredders and Level 3/P-4 cross-cut shredders all the way up to Level 6/P-7 high-security shredders. Whether you need to destroy data to comply with HIPAA regulations or other legal requirements, or you have highly sensitive national security documents to keep safe with NSA-listed data destruction equipment, these shredders will help you.

Mail-heavy businesses will want to quickly process paperwork for sending. This can be achieved by using equipment such as paper joggers and paper folders. Paper joggers speedily align stacks of paper, making it easier to process, while paper folders take those pieces of paper and fold them, making them ready for placing into envelopes or for further processing.

Formax machines cover an extensive range of products, from pressure sealers and paper cutters to NSA-listed CD/DVD destroyers. You can supply your entire office with this equipment, and it will streamline operations and ensure that your staff spends less time on the more menial tasks, and will allow them to focus on other areas.

Formax equipment available from Whitaker Brothers

Whitaker Brothers was established in 1945, giving us over 75 years of industry expertise. We know what it takes to keep your data secure, and offer a range of data destruction equipment for different industries. From commercial contracts to military institutions, we can help you find the bestl equipment your office needs.

Our price match guarantee with verified domestic U.S. sellers means you’ll get the best price for your data destruction needs. Got some questions about the perfect product for your business? Contact the Whitaker Brothers team for more information or for straightforward and professional advice you can trust.

The Whitaker Brothers Service Center provides additional support beyond your purchase. We can help you find spare and replacement parts, as well as arrange emergency repairs or create a service contract to keep your equipment running smoothly. With warranties available from more than 30 manufacturers, you are making the right choice when you buy from Whitaker Brothers.


Who makes Formax machines?

Formax equipment is manufactured by Formax. They offer a range of digital print and finishing, mailing, pressure seal, and data destruction solutions to suit a range of industries. Established in 1987, the business has grown to become one of the leaders in the industry.

What machines does Formax manufacture?

Formax manufactures an extensive range of equipment for paper-heavy businesses. From data destruction to digital printing and mailing equipment, the Formax products will streamline operations and ensure your business or organization produces the high-quality products you are known for.

What type of shredder oil should you use with Formax?

It is best to use the shredder oil recommended by the manufacturer to ensure the best results. For many shredders, this means using vegetable-based oil to ensure the blades are appropriately lubricated and that paper does not get jammed in the machine.

What price range are Formax machines?

Formax machines are designed to suit all budgets, whether you are a small start-up or a large corporation. Their equipment starts at $765 and goes all the way up to over $100,000 for high-quality equipment you can trust.

What security levels are Formax shredders?

Formax shredders cover all levels of security, from Level 2/P-2 all the way up to Level 6/P-7 high-security shredders. Level 3/P-4 shredders can be used to dispose of general information, such as names, dates of birth, addresses, and more. Level 4/P-5 is typically used for SSN, medical info, and business financials. Highly sensitive national security documents and top-secret information should be destroyed in a Level 6/P-7 shredder.