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Folder inserter machines are designed to eliminate the need for some of the more mundane tasks in your workplace, freeing up your staff so that they can concentrate on other areas of operation. These programmable machines will fold, stuff, and seal paperwork for you, ready for sending. Also known as envelope inserter machines or folder-stuffer machines, we offer a range of folder inserters for you to choose from.

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Save valuable time when you invest in these machines, as they will take your paperwork, fold it as programmed, and then place it into an envelope before sealing it Keep information secure prior to sending for complete peace of mind.

Folder inserter machines

The folder inserter process is relatively simple, as they will complete three jobs in one Despite their compact size, they will fold paper into the required size before placing it into envelopes These envelopes are then sealed by the machine so that they can be mailed with ease

Not only are they a cost-effective solution for businesses but they also make mail automation easy Folding, stuffing, and sealing is a mundane task but it doesn’t have to take up too much of your time, thanks to envelope-inserting machines.

One of the most popular brands when it comes to folder-stuffer machines is Formax Formax folder inserters are recognized as some of the best in the industry, with prices starting from as little as $7,350 All Formax machines are programmable and make fully automatic adjustments while operating, ensuring a smooth-running process With energy-saving eco modes on all models and quiet operations, they will fit easily into your office and are capable of processing over 1,300 pieces an hour or more, depending on the model you choose.

Another popular brand is FP The FP envelope stuffers are perfect for smaller offices, as this compact machine can hold up to 100 pieces in its feeders and 100 finished envelopes in the exit tray Capable of processing over 39 different jobs with the ability to save 15 jobs for easy touch-and-go processing, these are the machines you need to streamline operations in your business.


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Established in 1945, Whitaker Brothers is recognized as one of the industry leaders in the retail of high-security destruction equipment and associated office supplies We want to make your operations as streamlined as possible, with a range of automatic folder-stuffer machines available to buy today Working with commercial and government contracts, we are passionate about getting you the equipment you need to improve your business.

Unsure which machine is right for you? Contact Whitaker Brothers to receive honest and professional advice you can trust With over 75 years of experience in the industry, we pride ourselves on having one of the best-trained and most tenured staff in the U.S. When you call (800) 243-9226, you’ll speak to a human being with extensive knowledge to help you find the right product for your business Our professional team is ready to answer your questions so get in touch with us to find out more.

Over time, office equipment can lose its effectiveness and slow down When operations have been going smoothly thanks to your new folder-inserting machines, you don’t want to slow down At Whitaker Brothers, our service center is open We can help you find the right part you need, book a technician to repair your folder inserter or arrange a service contract to keep it running at optimal capacity.



What is a folder inserter?

A folder inserter is an effective method of folding and inserting paper into envelopes ready for mailing These machines also seal the envelopes and can process your mail up to ten times faster than by hand For businesses looking to increase efficiency and improve processes, folder inserters are an excellent choice.


Is there a difference between envelope stuffers and folder inserters?

Envelope stuffers and folder inserters are the same These pieces of office equipment help to fold, stuff, and seal envelopes ready for sending They go by a variety of different names including envelope inserter machines, folder stuffer machines, and letter folder inserters.


How does a folder inserter work?

While the technical components may change from machine to machine, folder inserters work in a similar way Firstly, they will take the paper inserted into the feeder and fold it to the required specifications Then, the machine will put that paper into an envelope Finally, the envelope will be sealed This takes very little time at all, making folder inserters a fast and efficient solution.


How many envelopes can an envelope-stuffing machine stuff?

The total number of envelopes a folder inserter can process depends on the machine Processing mail by hand takes time, with the most efficient worker capable of folding, stuffing, and sealing 300 envelopes in an hour Most envelope-stuffing machines are capable of processing at least 1,300 envelopes per hour.


What types of businesses need an envelope stuffer?

Envelope stuffing is often part of every business, but some require it more than others Typically, office environments and governmental departments may find a use for folder inserters, as might advertising, communication, and more.