Collection: Clean Room Granulators

Pharmaceutical and medical device companies are required to follow GMP (Good Manufacturing Process) procedures to ensure a quality product.  Dust and debris free results are essential to securing a trustworthy, finished product.  Enter the Cumberland 6500 Clean Room Granulator Series.  Cumberland's Clean Room Granulators are built for high quality regrind in sprue, runner, and small part applications.  Designed to meet clean room standards, the 6500 series features a dual pneumatic flap in-feed and clam shell dust enclosure that work jointly to prevent dust and particles from escaping the granulator.  For convenience, this granulator is mounted on sturdy casters, providing easy mobility throughout your manufacturing area.  Available options include adjustable and non-adjustable knives and a full sound enclosure package.  For manufacturing processes that require clean room conditions, the Cumberland Clean Room Granulators deliver excellent results.

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