MBM Triumph 721-06 LT Paper Cutter (Discontinued)
Triumph 721-06 LT Paper Cutter (Discontinued) Cutters MBM Ideal
Triumph 721-06 LT Paper Cutter (Discontinued) Cutters MBM Ideal

Triumph 721-06 LT Paper Cutter (Discontinued) Cutters MBM Ideal
Triumph 721-06 LT Paper Cutter (Discontinued) Cutters MBM Ideal

MBM Triumph 721-06 LT Paper Cutter (Discontinued)

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Features of the 721-06 LT Triumph Cutter

  • Hydraulic blade and clamp drive
  • Precision swing-cut blade motion
  • Cutting width: 28 inches
  • Cutting height: 3 inches
  • Length behind blade (narrow cut): ¾ inches
  • Cutting length behind blade: 28 3/8 inches
  • Table length in front of blade: 20 7/8 inches
  • High storage capacity
  • HSS Solingen steel cutting knife and solid steel blade carrier
  • Automatic measuring correction should back gauge get displaced
  • Self-diagnostic system that indicates errors
  • Integrated calculator
  • Front safety beams
  • Push buttons to move back gauge forward or backward
  • False clamp and foot pedal for pre-clamping
  • Air jets allow easy movement of the sheets being cut
  • Pressure range from 550 to 4,400 psi (applied along entire cutting width)
  • Durable stainless steel front and rear work surface
  • All-metal construction
  • All-inclusive "SCS" safety package
  • Optional side tables (stainless steel) for more work space
  • Note: please fill in the "Triumph 721 LT Paper Cutter Electrical/Power Certification Form" below and confirm if 230 volt power is present at your location and write that in the comment section on the order during checkout.
The very best 26 inch paper cutter. User friendly fully automatic, programmable paper cutter made by triumph.

Video of the MBM Triumph 721-06 LT

Description of the Ideal Triumph 721-06 LT Cutter

Are you looking for a heavy-duty paper cutter that can accomplish ultimate cutting capacity and ensures accuracy and reliability? Say hello to the 721-06 LT Triumph cutter. This feature-rich paper cutter makes your life as the user extremely easy. Cutting is a breeze, with its powerful hydraulic HSS Solingen steel blade and optical cutting line. There is even automatic measuring correction and a delete and insert mode if you need to modify program steps. The 721-06 blows the other cutters out of the water when it comes to cutting width and cutting length behind blade (28 3/8 inches) and can handle virtually any cutting job.

Air jets on the front and rear tables allow the paper to move easily. Pressure range is incredibly wide, from 550 to 4,400 psi, giving it the flexibility to meet any demand. The false clamp prevents your documents from getting indented and delivers professional-looking, sharp results. Like all the Triumph cutters, this one is equipped with "SCS" safety features that help achieve hazard-free operation. The Ideal Triumph 721-06 LT paper cutter has outstanding cutting capacity and versatility, and it ensures dependable, accurate cutting.


  • Offers tremendous flexibility; pre-clamping option, wide range psi range, electronic wheel for manual back gauge setting, narrow separations and plastic gliders for smooth repositioning and extra precision, and delete and insert mode for changing program steps.
  • Awesome cutting capacity; cutting width is 28 inches, can cut as narrow as ¾ inches, and has more than 28 inches of cutting room behind blade, more than 20 inches of space on table in front of blade.
  • Great option for companies that make the same cuts again and again, due to the repeat cut function, high memory capacity and easy programming.
  • "Inclusive "SCS" safety features Triumph cutters are associated with, including main switch and safety lock with key, blade changing device that covers cutting edge of blade, clear front safety guard, and more.

Manufacturer Name MBM
Max Cutting Width 28''
Cutting Height 3''
Cutting Mode Hydraulic
Cutting Length Behind Blade 28 3/8''
Cutting Length in Front of Blade 20 7/8''
Clamp Type Hydraulic
Programmable Yes
Horsepower 2
Optical Cutting Line Yes
Blade Construction Solingen steel
Back Gauge Adjustment Automatic
Safety Mechanism Safety light beams; safety shield
Readout Digital
Model # 721-06 LT
Weight 1,686 lbs.
Height 52 1/2''
Width 51 3/8''
Depth 59 1/2''
Voltage 220 Volts; other voltages available
Shipping Weight 1686.0000
Shipping Width 68
Shipping Length 55
Shipping Height 63

Q: I have an old 721-05 LT in my classroom. However, for some reasons, with students operating, I can not program the min cut of 2".
A: Before I begin theorizing, you should know that the old -05 model you have was replaced by the -06 (current) model many years ago. Your machine is probably at least 15 years old at this point which opens up a lot of possibilities for losing a few tenths of an inch on the minimum cut. The two most likely reasons are user error, or the result of a repair or blade change preformed previously by an unauthorized technician. Both of which can be remedied by a service call from one of our factory trained technicians. The final possibility is that in it's 15 year lifespan it could have been bumped in such a way that the frame is no longer capable of reducing the cut to 2". This can also be fixed. At Whitaker Brothers we understand school budgets can be tight. So if you would like a work around, try cutting from the opposite direction. If you're trimming two inches off an 11" piece of paper, set the machine to cut at 9" and put the paper all the way in. It will produce the exact same result as setting the machine at 2" to make the cut.


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