Triumph 5551-06 EP Paper Cutter (New Model Available)

Triumph 5551-06 EP Paper Cutter (New Model Available)

Features of the 5551-06 EP Triumph Cutter

  • Hydraulic cutting knife and adjustable hydraulic clamp drive
  • Cutting width: 21 5/8 inches
  • Cutting height: 3 5/8 inches
  • Length behind blade (narrow cut): 1 ¼ inches
  • Cutting length behind blade: 22 7/16 inches
  • Table length in front of blade: 18 inches
  • High memory capacity
  • "Set" function key for reference measurements
  • Electronic hand wheel with variable speed control for manual back gauge setting
  • Pressure fully adjustable between 1,900 and 3,800 psi
  • All-metal construction and durable stainless steel rear and front work surface
  • Mounted on casters
  • All-inclusive "SCS" safety package
  • Optional side tables that provide extra work space
  • Note: please fill in the "MBM Configuration Form and Installation Checklist" below.
  • Please also note that this model may require certain electrical requirements. Please call, chat, or request a quote for more details.
MBM's Triumph 5551-06 programmable hydraulic paper cutter is one of the biggest Triumph cutters and is known for its strength, cutting capabilities, and powerful hydraulic functions.

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Video of the Triumph 5551-06 EP Paper Cutter

Description of the Triumph 5551-06 EP Cutter

The Ideal Triumph 5551-06 programmable hydraulic paper cutter is top-notch and exudes magnificence and strength. As one of the biggest Triumph cutters, it is well-built and capable of handling nearly 22 inch wide paper. With its Solingen steel hydraulic blade that moves in a precision swing-cut motion, it can easily and accurately slice through more than 3 inches of paper. The hydraulic clamp drive is adjustable between 1,900 and 3,800 psi. This clamp applies an even amount of pressure along the whole cutting width and tightly secures your paper stock in place while cutting. The Triumph 5551-06 also offers a false clamp and foot pedal that allows for pre-clamping. The front safety light beams protect the operator and allow the back gauge to automatically proceed to the next cut. For those who wish to manually adjust the back gauge, the electronic hand wheel allows you to regulate the speed control.

Saving you even more time, the Triumph 5551-06 EP can store up to 99 programs, each with a maximum of 99 steps each. Up to 9 repeat cuts can be integrated into each program in a single step. The 5551-06 also has a "set" function key for reference measurements. These features are very beneficial to those who require frequently used measurements for their cutting projects. This hydraulic cutter offers ample amount of work space thanks to its optional side tables. Standard Safety Cutting System (SCS) features are equipped to protect against possible dangerous cutting. The automatic 5551-06 EP paper cutter has the accuracy, ease-of-operation, and of course, exceptional safety that encompass all Triumph cutters.

  • Powerful hydraulics ensure increased productivity, less manual work for the operator, very precise cuts, and mark-free cutting of paper; false clamp prevents documents from getting indented.
  • Solingen steel knife and completely metal construction facilitate durability and enable you to use this cutter for many years of trouble-free cutting.
  • Equipped with standard "SCS" safety attributes all Triumph cutters offer; some of these features are blade changing device that cover cutting edge of blade, disc brake for immediate blade stop, blade depth adjustment from outside of cutter and front safety light beams.

Manufacturer Name MBM
Max Cutting Width 21 5/8''
Cutting Height 3 5/8''
Cutting Mode Hydraulic
Cutting Length Behind Blade 22 7/16''
Cutting Length in Front of Blade 18''
Clamp Type Hydraulic
Programmable Yes
Horsepower 2
Optical Cutting Line Yes
Blade Construction Solingen steel
Back Gauge Adjustment Automatic
Safety Mechanism Safety light beams; safety shield
Readout Digital
Model # 5551-06 EP
Weight 970 lbs.
Height 54''
Width 42''
Depth 55''
Voltage 115 Volts; other voltages available
Shipping Weight 970.0000
Shipping Width 59
Shipping Length 47
Shipping Height 62