Large Knife Sharpening Service (Over 26") Other Whitaker Brothers

Large Knife Sharpening Service (Over 26

Knife Sharpening Service - Large Size (Over 26")

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Basic Info of the Knife Sharpening Service

  • Blades from both paper cutters and disintegrators can be sharpened
  • Having the cutting knife sharpened makes it like new
  • Saves you from replacing the blades altogether
  • Economical way to keep your cutter in peak performance
  • Service for knives that are over 26" long
This knife sharpening service will make your paper cutter or disintegrator knife as sharp as new at just a fraction of the cost of replacing it.

Description of Paper Cutter Knife Sharpening

This knife sharpening service is vital for keeping your paper cutter operating at an optimum level. Over time, the blades in a paper cutter or disintegrator get worn down from use. Disintegrators are especially prone to this, as they are capable of handling soft metals which will dull the blades more quickly than paper. Replacing the knives can get quite costly, so a blade sharpening service can be a welcome alternative! The cutting knife can be removed from the machine and sent into a knife sharpening facility for a fraction of the price of getting a brand new knife, and it will be just as sharp!

Manufacturer Name Whitaker Brothers
Shipping Weight 40.0 lbs.


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