MBM Triumph 0155 Paper Trimmer

MBM Triumph 0155 Paper Trimmer

MBM Triumph 0155 Paper Trimmer Trimmers MBM Ideal

Features of the 0155 Kutrimmer Paper Trimmer

  • Cutting width: 61 inches
  • Cutting height: .03 inches
  • Table depth: 11 ½ inches
  • Table height: 34 inches
  • Safety cutting head encloses strong, self-sharpening rotary blade
  • Automatic clamping system and transparent clamping bar
  • Counter blade consisting of stainless knife steel
  • Paper collection tray that holds paper waste
  • Sturdy metal stand
  • Optional paper holder

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SKU: MBM0505 ISBN: 04019364061554
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Description of the MBM Triumph 0155 Paper Trimmer

The large format floor model rotary paper trimmers truly set the standard for cutting capacity, with astounding cutting widths of up to 61 inches. They are easily able to trim digital printouts, photos, posters and more. Though rotary trimmers are huge machines, they are accurate, safe and easy to use, possessing the same trademark characteristics of Triumph cutters, which are also manufactured in Germany by MBM's parent company, Ideal Krug & Priester.

This professional rotary paper trimmer cutter is exactly like the 0135 except with larger dimensions and greater cutting width. It blows all the other Triumph trimmers out of the water with its highly accommodating cutting width of 61 inches. With the cutting capacity, fine steel rotary blade and stainless steel counter blade, any trim is sure to be accurate and clean. It is ideal for cutting your professional materials, including blueprints, posters, photos, drawings, and digital printouts.

The automatic clamping system provides positive clamping, so your papers are securely held in place while you are trimming them. The clamping bar is transparent, so your view is never obstructed. The paper collection tray enables you to work in a neat space and allows for quick, simple cleanup. This rotary trimmer is also extremely safe, equipped with a safety cutting head that encloses the rotary blade, and you never have to sharpen the knife yourself, as it is self-sharpening. The reliable and durable Triumph 0155 rotary paper trimmer efficiently handles any cutting need you may have and delivers professional-looking, satisfying results every time.

  • Phenomenal cutting width for extremely large cutting projects (53 inches).
  • Highly efficient; self-sharpening knife and paper collection tray that ensures extra clean work space, as well as quick and easy cleanup.
  • Incredibly versatile; capability to trim a wide range of materials, as well as a paper roll holder option if you want to work with a roll of paper rather than sheets.

Manufacturer Name MBM
Max Cutting Width 61''
Table Size 11 1/2'' (depth)
Clamp Automatic
Blade Type Rotary
Blade Construction Solingen steel
Model # 0155
Weight 88 lbs.
Height 37''
Depth 19''
Width 68 1/2''
Shipping Weight 88.0000
Shipping Length 80
Shipping Width 25
Shipping Height 13
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