Formax FD 572 Cut Sheet Cutter (Discontinued)

Formax FD 572 Cut Sheet Cutter (Discontinued)

Formax FD 572 Cut Sheet Cutter (Discontinued) Bursters Formax

Basic Specs of the Formax FD 572 Cut Sheet Cutter

  • Form size: 4'' - 14 1/2'' W, 4'' - 18'' L
  • Speed: up to 3,360 sheets/hour (no cuts), up to 2, 160 sheets/hour (1 or 2 cuts)
  • Paper weight: 13 - 110 lbs.
  • Hopper capacity: up to 400 sheets
  • Electrical: 120 V, 60 Hz
  • Dim: 33'' L x 23'' W x 7'' H
  • Weight: 90 lbs.

The FD 572 will automatically feed the forms and cut, slit, or perforate in the desired position. This is ideal for use with checks, coupons, tickets, notices, membership cards and labels.

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Description of the Formax FD 572 Cut Sheet Cutter

There are innumerable businesses that require the use of a cut sheet cutter. This is a device that will slit, cut, and perforate forms in a specific way and which typically handles bulk jobs effectively. The Formax FD 572 Cut Sheet Burster is a tabletop sized machine that can deliver an impressive range of work and deliver roughly 50 cut sheet forms per minute. The FD 572 uses an extremely simple interface and control panel that allows the user to easily program the machine for their specific needs. There are six programs available in the machine, but there are also one hundred memory selections for cutting operations as well. The unit can handle 8" x 5" pages, but also 11" and 14" sheets as well. It can perform from one to five paper cuts on each page size, meaning it can cut any of the page sizes into one to six even portions. The machine uses only a single pass per cut sheet form. The FD 572 Cut Sheet Burster does this using its onboard "guillotine cutter" to make the required alterations to the page and can do two vertical and one perforation on each pass. The onboard counter ensures that the job is tracked accurately with the number of top loaded pages entering the system also being fed into the collection tray as well.

This unit can handle up to 400 sheets of 20# paper in the feed tray (which is top loading). It weighs 90 pounds and is 33" L x 23" W. This means it is a stationary unit that can easily fit into many office spaces, but which cannot easily be relocated due to the substantial weight. The FD 572 Cut Sheet Burster is an ideal solution for companies that must deal with bulk bursting operations of cut sheet forms such as checks, tickets, membership packages, and anything that must be cut or perforated before sending or distributing. As a burster, it is a reliable performer on challenging single or cut sheet items, and with the flexible cutting options and easy to use control panel, it means that work is faster and more streamlined than ever. It is a great option for the small to mid-sized business that has a heavy demand for processing of multiple part forms that must also be finished by perforation or cutting.

Manufacturer Name Formax
Speed Up to 3,360 sheets/hour (no cuts)
Max Form Size 14 1/2'' x 18''
Slitting Capability Yes
Min Form Size 4'' x 4''
Model # FD 572
Weight 90 lbs.
Height 7''
Width 33''
Depth 23''
Voltage 120 Volts; other voltages available

Shipping Weight 85.0000
Shipping Length 25
Shipping Width 30
Shipping Height 18