Formax FD 396 Paper Folder (Discontinued) Folders Formax
Formax FD 396 Paper Folder (Discontinued) Folders Formax
Formax FD 396 Paper Folder (Discontinued) Folders Formax

Formax FD 396 Paper Folder (Discontinued) Folders Formax
Formax FD 396 Paper Folder (Discontinued) Folders Formax
Formax FD 396 Paper Folder (Discontinued) Folders Formax

Formax FD 396 Paper Folder (Requires FD 390) (Discontinued)

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ISBN:   096224642232
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*This right angle folder is an optional component for the Formax FD 390 Paper Folder

Features of the 396 Formax Folder

  • 2-machine construction
  • Fold type: feed
  • Variable speed of up to 35,000 sheets/hour
  • Bottom air feed system
  • Sheet capacity of 350
  • Paper size: 3 x 5 – 14 x 20 inches
  • Paper weight: up to 65 lb cover (handles glossy/coated paper)
  • Extended output tray
The FD 396 Formax paper folder, combined with the FD 390, can create a right angle or cross fold in one pass. The bottom air feeding provides continuous loading and crisp folds are made every time. The FD 396 is perfect for massive amounts of folding.

Description of the Formax FD 396 Right-Angle Paper Folder

Professional paper folding equipment is an invaluable part of almost any mail room, print shop, or mailing house machinery and it must be accurate and efficient. When a printed item needs alternative types of folding, however, it can be challenging to get the work done. For example, a multi-page item that needs "cross folding" or right angle folding can often require two passes through standard folding units: once to perform the first directional folding procedure, and then again to fold along the alternative angle. Fortunately, the Formax FD 396 Paper Folder is part of a two machine system that performs the entire process in one step.

When joined to the remarkably efficient FD 390, the Formax FD 396 Paper Folder can handle right angle and cross folding. It will tackle the same heavy paper weights (up to 65 pound glossy or coated sheets) and up to four stapled sheets at one time. The Formax FD 396 Paper Folder when connected to the FD 390 is meant to deal with high volumes and can tackle up to 35,000 folds in a single hour - though stapled items have to be hand fed.The Formax FD 396 Paper Folder is equipped with the same efficiency supporting components as its partner and has the 350 sheet in feed capacity, the bottom air feeding unit that ensures static does not cause sheets to cling together and jam the machinery, and the lengthy out feed tray to catch large jobs and batches. The FD 396 also has the heavy steel folding plates, the easily adjustable folding schemes, and the fine tuning knob that ensures that every single item is folded to precise angles and specifications. This unit is equipped with the same counter, side guides (for papers that are not exactly square), and user friendly design that makes it easy to clean and maintain.

Crafted in the same durable way as its partner unit, this machine is mounted on an easy to move steel framed base. Fitted with rugged casters, the right angle folder can be easily moved into position as needed, or wheeled out of the way for less complicated work done on the FD 390. If your mailing service or print shop needs cross folding procedures done on heavy to lightweight stock, this component is the perfect investment for those already using the FD 390 to tackle their bulkiest folding work.

  • Right angle or cross folds in just one pass.
  • Can easily handle glossy and coated stock.
  • Extremely speedy, folding at rate of 35,000 sheets an hour.


Letter/Tri/C FoldHalf/Single FoldZ/Accordion/Zig Zag FoldDouble Parallel FoldFrench/Cross Fold
Engineering/Short Z/Fold-Out/Half-Accordion FoldCross Letter Fold

Paper Weight Conversion Chart

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*This right angle folder is an optional component for the Formax FD 390 Paper Folder

Manufacturer Name Formax
Model # FD 396
Feed Type Air-fed
Fold Adjustment Setting Manual fold adjustment
Feed Tray Capacity Up to 350
Fold Speed 35,000 sheets/hour
Fold Types Letter Fold, Half Fold, Fan Fold, Double Parallel Fold, French Fold, Double Letter Fold, Engineering Fold (Short Z Fold)
Pre-programmed Standard Folds 6
Variable Speed Yes
Counter Yes
Accepted Paper Sizes 3'' x 5'' to 14'' x 20''
Accepted Paper Weights Up to 65 lbs.
Weight 310 lbs.
Height 27''
Width 49''
Depth 24 1/2''
Voltage 110 Volts; other voltages available

Shipping Weight 378.0000
Shipping Length 84
Shipping Width 38
Shipping Height 41
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