Cumberland MP20P Strand Pelletizer (Marathon Series)

Cumberland MP20P Strand Pelletizer (Marathon Series)

Cumberland MP20P Strand Pelletizer (Marathon Series) Other Cumberland

Features of Cumberland MP20P Marathon Series Pelletizers

  • Cutting Circle: 9 7/8"
  • Infeed Width: 20"
  • Strand Capacities: 110
  • Rotor Knives: Helical, Bolt-On, or Wedge-Held
  • Rotating Cutting Edges: Helical:36,48,60 Bolt-On: 24,24 (slanted)
  • Throughput: up to 8500 lbs/hr
  • Cut Length: 1/8" standard (others available)

Cumberland MP20P Strand Pelletizer (Marathon Series)

SKU: NDSMP20P ISBN: 9358476077400
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Strand Pelletizer Offers Rugged and Reliable Service

Strand Pelletizers are rugged, reliable machines, built to provide trouble-free service. They are simple to operate and maintain. Synchronized feed roll and rotor speeds provide accurate pellet-length control, and quick-change gears offer a wide selection of pellet lengths. Infeed sizes range from 6 inches all the way up to 32 inches, with strand capacities of 30 to 180. Choose between helical cutters or bolt-on knives—from 12 to 75 cutting edges.

Most of our pelletizers come standard with Stellite tipped, stainless steel helical cutters. CPM-4 helical cutters are also available in HCHC tool steel, CPM-4, or solid carbide. The standard bed knife is a 4-edge insert, high-chrome, with high-carbon tool steel, and CDC, Tungsten carbide, and CPM-4 bed knives are also available.

Manufacturer Name Cumberland
Model # MP20P
Warranty N/A
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