Cumberland 1218X Beside-The-Press (1200X Series) Granulator

Cumberland 1218X Beside-The-Press (1200X Series) Granulator

Features of the Cumberland 1218X Beside-The-Press (1200X Series) Granulator

  • TEFC motor and solid flywheel drive
  • Metal bin discharge
  • Multi-feed hopper with hand, robot or conveyor operation
  • 2-bed knife, offset designed cutting chamber
  • Machined, bolted and doweled cutting chamber - full sound-attenuated to approximately 85 dBA
  • 3-knife open slant cut rotor with scooped wings
  • Rotating ends discs
  • Quick-release hand knob access
  • HCHC D2 OEM manufactured rotor and bed knives made by Cumberland’s proprietary process
  • Screen size: 5/16" standard; 3/16", 1/4", 3/8" and other sizes available
  • NEMA type 12 controls with 120V P/B 230/460V

Cumberland's 1200X Series Beside-the-Press granulators offer a range of capabilities handling demanding injection molding, blow molding and extrusion requirements.

ISBN: 9358476074881

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Description of the Cumberland 1218X Beside-The-Press (1200X Series) Granulator

From Cumberland, a trusted name in the size reduction industry, comes the 1200X series of Beside the Press granulators. These granulators are designed to meet many demands and challenges and deliver all of these features in a compact and user-friendly machine. The Cumberland 1218X Beside-The-Press Granulator is the mid-sized model in this series and features a conveniently large 18" infeed throat. The hopper can be hand loaded or integrated with conveyor and robotic operations as well. The intake is matched by the throughput that can manage roughly 750 pounds per hour. This is possible thanks to the rugged TEFC motor that can provide from 7.5 to 25 HP depending upon the model selected. The Cumberland 1218X processes such materials as injection and blow molding scrap, and extrusion materials as well. These materials are sent into the large cutting chamber (with a 12" cutting circle) where the rotor (a three knive open slant, scooped wing design) works with two bed knives (crafted from HCHC D2 OEM) to create uniform granulate. This is then discharged via the metal bin discharge mechanism. This design enables bulky materials to be easily handled while the solid flywheel drive works to eliminate any inertia from heavier demands. The cutting chamber is machined, bolted, and doweled to ensure optimal performance, but this also makes it a very quiet or sound attenuated model.

The Cumberland 1218X Beside-The-Press Granulator will function at 85 decibels and work well in a variety of settings. The scooped wings of the rotor and the rotating end discs reduce heat and air cool the unit. These features allow this compact and portable granulator to serve many purposes in a single setting and be moved from place to place with ease. Maintaining and cleaning the Cumberland 1218X Beside-The-Press Granulator is also a simple task. The screen can be readily accessed and the entire cabinet opens with a single quick release hand knob. Cleaning and repairs are streamlined and simple. The unit can be upgraded to include screens of any size (including common sizes such as 1/4" and 3/8"), and the motor can be upgraded if more power is required. Clearly, this is a handy resource for any manufacturing or processing firm that also requires beside the press size reduction or grinding options. The flexibility of the hopper and infeed along with the durable and long wearing equipment makes it a real winner.

 Line Drawings & Dimensions for 1200X Series Granulators

(1422 mm)
80 ¼"
(2038 mm)
50 ¼"
(1276 mm)
36 ¾"
(933 mm)
17" (1700 mm)12 ¼"
(431 mm)
17 5/8"
(448 mm)
(305 mm)

Manufacturer Name Cumberland
Max Throughput 750 lbs/hr (318kg/hr)
Rotor 3-knife open slant-cut
Rotor Knives 3
Screen 5/16"; Removable pivoting drop-down screen and screen cradel
Base Portable caster mount; stationary vibration pad optional
Discharge Metal bin; pneumatic, vaccuum or gaylord and evacuation system optional
Drive Parts Solid high-Inertia flywheel v-belt drive
Model # 1218X
Weight 2300 lbs (1043kg)
Voltage 120v P/B;230/460V
Warranty N/A
Shipping Weight 2300.0000
Shipping Height N/A
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