New Features On Select Datastroyer Models

It has been a long time coming, but they're finally here. The new shredders in Datastroyer line have been redesigned from the ground up and bring a rack of features that further solidify Whitaker Brothers as a leading shredder manufacturer. For many years Datastroyer has built a reputation on quality, with the focus remaining on the constant improvement of their renowned cutting shafts made of specially hardened German steel. The truth is that 90% of the value of a shredder is in the cutting shafts, so it makes sense that so much time was spent perfecting them.

While staying true to their long history of creating some of the most durable shredder cutting shafts available, Datastroyer has pushed forward into the modern office with their new external designs. These new Datastroyer Shredder designs are more than just a new look - state of the art features are included to make data destruction as streamlined and advanced as a modern office environment.

Here are a few of these cutting edge features by Datastroyer:


i-Control is a comprehensive system of sensors and indicators that not only controls the shredder's functions but alerts the user to the shredder's operation with visual cues. Some backlit icons the i-Control contains include:

User Lock: A button combination lock prevents unauthorized users from operating the shredderText

Service Info: Should the shredder require maintenance, an indicator will alert the user

Bin is Open: For the safety of the user, the machine will not operate in this condition and will alert the user

Bin is Full: Alerts the user that the shred bin is in need of emptying

Paper Jam: This notification is essential to maintaining the life of the shredder. When a paper jam occurs, simply push the reverse button.

Motor Overheated: This is a shredder protection feature that prevents damage to the drive components should the motor become overheated


Whisper quiet operation was a major goal for the Datastroyer engineers. After much research and many conversations with the people that actually use shredders on a daily basis, Whitaker Brothers discovered that noise levels are extremely important to consider when choosing a shredder for an office environment. This spawned the Silentec sound dampening system that is built into many Datastroyer paper shredders today. They achieved this by using sound dampening materials and a spring mounted shredder block to absorb sound waves before you hear them.

2x2 Cut & Collect System

Some of the new Datastroyer shredders come equipped with what Whitaker Brothers has dubbed its 2x2 system, an ingenious way to shred media other than paper. Many models now come with an additional feed slot that allows the destruction of CDs, DVDs, credit cards, and other mixed media. What’s unique about the Datastroyer 2x2 system is the ability to separate waste materials. Paper goes in the main bin while the media is deposited in a second, smaller shred bin. This allows users to be environmentally friendly by separating paper and non-paper waste to be properly recycled.

EcoLogic Energy Saving

In an increasingly environmentally-conscious society, Whitaker Brothers's inclusion of the EcoLogic system is a welcome advance in shredder operation. EcoLogic is an energy management system that comes standard in the Datastroyer PRO lineup and which puts the shredder into sleep mode after a period of inactivity, reducing the power usage to zero. This is a step up from stand-by modes that have long dominated the shredder industry and which still consume power. All that is needed to awaken the shredder is a touch of the center i-Control button.

DLS Dynamic Load Sensor

DLS, or Dynamic Load Sensor, detects the volume of paper being fed into the cutting units of Datastroyer PRO models 45 and above. This functions to prevent users from attempting to shred too much at once, which can be detrimental to the health of the machine. The DLS uses colored lights emulating traffic signals to let the user know the paper volume and how the shredder will take it.

  • Green indicates the amount of paper is at an appropriate level
  • Yellow cautions that the amount of paper is potentially reaching a critical level
  • Red warns that the amount of paper is beyond capacity and paper should be released using the reverse button