A Special Offer: The HSM Profipack C400




Attention Business Owners!

Here's how to quit spending money on cardboard hauling and packing materials.

What would it feel like to...

Spend your carting budget on something more important: like promoting your business.

Reuse your excess cardboard to create new, re-usable packing materials.

Make more money on the warehouse space you'll free up.

Without being stopped by...

Having to adopt an expensive solution

Not knowing there's an easy way to do this.

If this sounds like you, I have good news. It's possible to:

Look really smart and demonstrate your conscience at the same time.


Save money while you're making the world a better place for yourself, your kids and your grandkids.

Wondering how? Let me introduce you to...

The HSM Profipack C400 Cardboard Shredder

Shredding excess cardboard into free, recyclable packing materials.

The C400 was created to help you...

Dump your waste hauling company and stop buying packing materials that you have to warehouse.

The C400 effortlessly and quickly transforms any piece of excess cardboard into quality packing materials. It allows businesses to stop buying toxic single use solutions for a single shipment.

It frees up warehouse space, and eliminates hauling costs.

Do something good for the environment

C400 customers can sleep well at night knowing that their businesses have done something real to reduce waste volume, to stop putting plastic into landfills, and to lower the world's ravenous consumption of carbon based fuels.

Have a great time showing off your investment and look cool while you're doing it

A simple demonstration of the C400 is a pragmatic symbol of your company's commitment to a sustainable future.

So you can experience

Moving away from a status quo that is killing the planet

So you DON'T have to experience having to lay people off because your operation isn't as efficient as it could be.

And help you to

Save a lot of money and start a conversation with your partners, clients and friends that you'll genuinely like.

The C400:

Repurposes excess cardboard into money-saving reusable void-fill and shock absorption material.

Saves you money immediately, and pays for itself in just a few months.

Is compact and powerful. It requires very little floor space.

Is something you can adopt easily and affordably.

Is useful across many industries and business functions: shipping departments, warehouses, recycling centers, wineries, pottery manufacturers, porcelain manufacturers. It's useful for anyone who ships anything breakable.

Allows you to have your ecological footprint decrease as your sales increase.

By now, you may be wondering who I am and why we're offering the C400.

Let me introduce myself to you.

I'm Kyle Mitchell and I'm the National Sales Director for Whitaker Brothers Business Machines

As part of my job I've seen and operated pretty much every environmental technology machine manufactured many times.

I've been in the Environmental Technology space for 13 Years

We offer this because

This is probably the most important innovation in shredding since Adolf Ehinger manufactured the first paper shredder in 1935.

HSM has come up with a brilliant and reliable solution, and we're proud to represent something that's becoming so wildly successful in the market.

I know that the C400 is going to change everything for you.

These are just some of the ways the HSM C400 is impacting lives:

It reduces waste volume.

"It makes great packaging material out of the cardboard we used to just throw in the recycling dumpster. We have been spending a few thousand dollars a month on packing peanuts, which is a mess that everyone hates to receive in their packages anyway."

It re-uses materials.

"Normally we use Sealed Air expanded foam from a machine we have that mixes and puts into bags. Those are $2/ea, but do a nice job. With this machine, we turn our recycling into packing material, and for our business (electric motors & gearboxes for industrial use), it is an excellent packing material."

It produces recyclable material at the end of the use-cycle.

"Any small business that is spending $500+ a month on packing materials like peanuts and bubble wrap should definitely get one of these! Now we are re-using cardboard boxes again, rather than producing even more plastic or styrofoam waste! The cardboard makes great spongy packaging material, much more durable than bubble wrap."

Compact and powerful, it requires very little floor space.

"Should have bought one of these years ago...this machine is fast and precise.Converted cardboard works much better than crumpled packing paper."

Multi-industry use: shipping departments, warehouses, recycling centers, wineries, potery manufacturers, porcelain makers, it's a great solution for anyone who ships anything breakable.

"Creating your own packaging material from cardboard is economical and ecological. If you are looking for a clever solution to pack different products flexibly and safely, then the C400 is the solution you’ve been looking for. If you are looking to reduce, reuse and recycle your cardboard boxes and would like to stop using plastic wrapping, cellophane, polystyrene, then this is the solution for you!

Why buy new packaging material when you have old cardboard boxes that you can turn into new packaging?"

It Pays for Itself.

"Everything seems to be working. The system has been set up and is doing what we had hoped it would.

Allows recycling of cardboard and saves us in buying packing materials.
For us, This will pay for itself in 3 months."
Bill Solomon| President & CEO

Are you ready to...?

Reduce spending on recycling cardboard, reduce expenditures buying void-fill and shock absorption materials for your outbound shipments?

Get your C400 now: