Collection: Strip Cut Paper Shredders

Businesses requiring fast shredding will find that strip-cut paper shredders boast not only the highest throughput but also greater speed capabilities. The best strip-cut paper shredders can process up to 60 feet of paper per minute, making them an excellent choice for busy workplaces.

With tabletop and stand-alone strip-cut shredders available, you can easily find the right equipment for your business needs.

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Paper shredders: cross-cut versus strip-cut

Strip-cut paper shredders are the ideal solution for businesses needing to destroy sensitive information quickly and on a regular basis These machines will cut the paper into long strips, which can then be removed from the premises Schools, offices, and churches are just some of the environments in which these paper shredders are suited.

Alternatives to strip-cut shredders are cross-cut shredders and high-security shredders Both cross-cut and high-security shredders will cut the paper small enough to fit into a waste bin Cross-cut shredders start at Level 3/P-4 security, while high-security shredders are those at Level 6/P-7 to ensure the highest security standards

If you need to shred high volumes of paper and don’t require the intensive shredding of high-security or cross-cut shredders, you’ll find that a strip-cut paper shredder perfectly fits your needs.

With prices starting from just under $100, you can get a high-quality shredder for your office Many of the shredders in this section include a reversing function to help eliminate paper jams, with quiet modes and the capacity to shred not only paper but staples and paper clips Outfitting your place of work with the technology you need is easy.


Heavy-duty strip-cut paper shredders

Established in 1945, Whitaker Brothers has over 75 years of experience delivering data destruction and security solutions to businesses around the world We hold commercial and military contracts to support a range of industries Our strip-cut paper shredders go up to Level 2/P-2 security and prices start from under $100, making it an affordable solution for businesses.

Your journey with Whitaker Brothers doesn’t end once you’ve made your purchase At our Service Center, you’ll find everything you need to keep your new paper shredder running smoothly

You can arrange regular maintenance and servicing to prevent breakdowns or arrange for a technician to visit you and repair your equipment With factory certifications from more than 30 manufacturers, you know that you are in safe hands with us.

We stock the brands you know and trust including MBM, HSM, Intimus and Formax Shop the range of products or contact Whitaker Brothers today for honest and professional advice With a range of payment options available as well as NSA-evaluated and GSA Listed Products to choose from, you can get all of your data destruction equipment from Whitaker Brothers.


What does strip-cut mean when shredding?

Strip cut, also known as spaghetti cut, is when the paper or other material is cut into long, parallel lengths This often is the fastest method of cutting and ensures that companies are able to process up to 60 feet of paper per minute.


What level of security do strip-cut paper shredders offer?

Strip-cut paper shredders are ideal for organizations looking to shred paperwork but don’t require the highest levels of security Many of the strip-cut paper shredders you’ll find offer Level 2/P-2 security.


How long will a strip-cut paper shredder last?

Paper shredders require maintenance and servicing to keep them in the best condition With oiling and care, your paper shredder should last around ten years, if not longer, making them a worthwhile investment.


How much will a good paper shredder cost?

Paper shredders can vary widely in cost depending on the manufacturer and capabilities Some countertop paper shredders cost as little as $100, while larger, industrial-sized shredders can cost upwards of $5,000.


What is the best way to lubricate a paper shredder?

Over time, paper dust and debris can build up inside the cutting assembly of your paper shredder Paper shredder oil will prevent this and can be oiled easily Many shredders can be oiled by pressing the ‘reverse’ button while squeezing oil across the paper entry point on the machine.