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Whitaker Brothers’ optical media destruction products provide a reliable and effective solution for destroying optical media. They also protect sensitive information from falling into the wrong hands. From shredders to disintegrators, Whitaker Brothers offers a range of cutting-edge products designed to meet the specific needs of our customers.
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Media shredders for effective DVD destruction

Information can be retrieved from optical media, even if it has been deleted from the device. This means that any information saved on media is at risk. Destroying optical media is the most effective way to prevent sensitive information from being stolen or used against you.

An optical media shredder is designed to break apart the media itself. Capable of delivering Level 3/P-4 and Level 6/P-7 high-security shredding, these shredders are the best method to destroy media, and prevent data from being retrieved. By breaking apart the media, it becomes more challenging for hackers to access information.

Security is important to businesses, which is where high-security optical media destruction comes in. Many of the shredders listed in this section reduce optical media to a shred size of <1.5mm. Often able to shred both optical media and paper, they have dedicated feeds to effectively destroy data, with an automatic start/stop mode to save you valuable time.

Here at Whitaker Brothers, we stock a range of GSA-listed multimedia destruction devices and NSA-listed CD/DVD destroyers. With prices starting from just over $3,000, you can get these products with GSA Contract (Government Pricing) available, and many meet or exceed the NSA/CSS Specification 04-02 for optical media destruction.

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Whitaker Brothers is an industry leader in the delivery of data destruction equipment, and with over 75 years of experience, we are here to help your organization find the perfect solution for your optical media shredding needs.

Prices start from just over $50 for compatible supplies for optical media destruction, and from under $300 for a shredder, ensuring you can get the data destruction you need to suit your budget.

Are you looking to find the perfect data destruction equipment for your organization? We work with commercial and government organizations to find the best products. Call (800) 243-9226 or submit a contact form for further information and assistance.

Many of the products listed are available with free ground or freight shipping, helping you save on the cost of delivery. We offer a range of delivery options for you to choose from, including international shipping. You can find Whitaker Brothers products in 115 countries across the globe, so arrange your delivery now.


Why do you have to destroy optical media?

Experts recommend destroying optical media after you have deleted sensitive information. This is because, even when deleted, information can be retrieved by hackers. In order to make it more challenging for hackers to access the information, the media itself should be demolished. 

What can optical media shredders destroy?

Optical media shredders can effectively destroy a variety of media and information, from paper and optical media to hard drives, CDs, and DVDs. These shredders will break apart media into smaller pieces, making retrieving information from them challenging.

What is the highest level of shredding available for optical media?

Level 6/P-7 high-security shredding for optical media is the most secure method of data destruction. This rating means that the device has been NSA Evaluated, and either meets or exceeds NSA/CSS Specification 04-02 for optical media destruction. This means that they are approved for the destruction of classified, secret, and top-secret information.

With a focus on security and compliance, our optical media destruction products are essential for any organization looking to securely dispose of optical media, and safeguard their sensitive data.