Collection: Industrial Paper Shredders

These high-powered models are capable of shredding more than 100 pages at a time, whether loose, in binders, folders, or hardboundWith industrial paper shredders from top brands including MBM, HSM and Datastroyer, you'll find high-security paper shredders for all of your business needs at Whitaker Brothers. Have questions? We've got answers.

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Heavy-duty industrial paper shredders

For businesses processing high volumes of paper, industrial paper shredders are the more efficient solution for destroying documents and materials in bulk The large cutting chambers can shred huge numbers of papers into scraps, turning potential security breaches into smaller pieces for easy disposal.

Industrial shredders are outfitted with conveyor systems to feed large quantities automatically for maximum efficiency Capable of shredding up to 4,200 lbs., depending on the model, you can shred a variety of materials with ease.

Different organizations require different levels of security For some businesses, industrial strip-cut shredders meet the level of security they need, which is Level 2/P-2 These shredders slice the paper into long lengths, which can then be emptied into a bag and disposed of in the appropriate way If your business requires a higher level of security, our industrial cross-cut paper shredders meet Level 5/P-6 security requirements, keeping your information secure.

At Whitaker Brothers, we stock the top brands for data destructive equipment You’ll find well-known brands such as MBMHSMIntimusFormax, and Datastroyer No matter what your business needs, you’ll find an extensive range of trusted industrial paper shredder manufacturers to choose from.

Large industrial paper shredder machines for sale

Established in 1945, Whitaker Brothers have over 75 years of industry experience to help you find the information security equipment your business needs With commercial and military contracts, we stock commercial shredders capable of delivering government-level destruction As industry leaders, we are proud that all of our equipment meets or exceeds government security standards, ensuring your organization has the highest standards of security.

All equipment from Whitaker Brothers comes with factory certification, and we will help you replace parts or repair your shredding equipment as needed Our service center is available to ensure you get the correct replacement parts You can book a technician to visit your place of business and repair your industrial shredding equipment We can also arrange service contracts to create preventative maintenance plans for your organization.

Whitaker Brothers stock an extensive range of industrial paper shredders at different security levels, including Level 2/P-2, Level 3/P-4, Level 4/P-5, and Level 5/P-6 Certain models of these high-capacity industrial shredders include a baler attachment, transforming the shredded pieces of paper into compact blocks for disposal Other models can shred tough items such as hard drives. Contact Whitaker Brothers today for more information on the right industrial paper shredder for your business, or call us at (800) 243-9226.


How much is an industrial shredder?

Industrial paper shredders are extremely popular in environments where large quantities of paper require shredding, and the prices can vary depending on the features included A Level 3/P-4 cross-cut industrial paper shredder starts at just over $8,500.

What is the difference between an industrial shredder and a commercial shredder?

Commercial shredders often do not shred the paper into as small pieces as an industrial shredder, although this is not the only difference Many industrial shredders are designed to shred large quantities of paper at a time, with some capable of destroying roughly 5,000 pounds of documentation per hour.

How much paper can an industrial shredder handle?

The capabilities of your industrial shredding machine will depend on the manufacturer and design If you regularly need to shred over 100 pages at a time, then an industrial shredder is right for you, with some capable of shredding the bindings holding papers together.

Are industrial shredders reliable?

Industrial shredders are designed to handle large quantities of paper at a time, making them extremely reliable in a variety of environments Small offices handling sensitive information as well as large governmental organizations use industrial shredders to efficiently destroy data.

How do industrial paper shredders work?

Industrial paper shredders are straightforward to operate Paper can be fed into the machine through the slot or emptied into the hopper The machine will then take the paper through the cutting blades to shred it into smaller pieces, either strip-cutting or cross-cutting the data for maximum security The paper pieces then go into the in-built bin for disposal.