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Datastroyer is a recognized name in data destruction equipment. With paper shredders, disintegrators, and multi-media shredders available, you can safely and securely destroy paper, DVDs, CDs, hard drives, and more. Shop the range of Datastroyer equipment at Whitaker Brothers today to buy leading data destruction technology.

Datastroyer shredders and data destruction equipment

The Datastroyer shredders have become one of the leading lines of data destruction across the globe.

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Our paper shredders have been tested for the highest level of durability, ensuring that you can continue to shred extensive quantities of paper without issue

They have also been tested by the NSA to meet or exceed all levels of classified paper destruction requirements Whether you are looking for shredders for your home or office use, you’ll find what you need here with prices starting from just over $600 for a Level 3/P-4 security shredder.

For some organizations, a shredder will not be enough This is where Datastroyer disintegrators come in Designed for multi-media requirements, they are capable of destroying a range of materials from paper to CDs, DVDs, and more Base models are capable of destroying up to 450lbs per hour, depending on the configuration, type, and weight of materials

All of the Datastroyer disintegrators by Whitaker Brothers are NSA-listed and tested, ensuring you get the highest level of data security.

To effectively destroy data on hard drives and tapes to prevent it from being recovered, you will need to do more than simply shred it Degaussers are ideal for this These machines and tools will demagnetize the drive and ensure that data cannot be recovered after the fact

From wand degaussers to large hard drive degaussers, the Datastroyer range is ideal for keeping data secure and preventing sensitive information from falling into the wrong hands.


High-security data destruction from Datastroyer

Whitaker Brothers are leaders in high-security destruction equipment, and the Datastroyer range is recognized globally for delivering the data protection solutions businesses need We offer commercial solutions for government-level destruction with over 75 years of industry experience and both commercial and government contracts.

The Datastroyer shredders have been extensively tested to meet or exceed NSA requirements for classified paper destruction, so you know that your data is in safe hands

We offer a range of security levels with destructive equipment starting at Level 2/P-2 going all the way to Level 6/P-7 high-security shredders and disintegrators With prices starting at just over $600 for a Datastroyer shredder, you’ll find cost-effective solutions for your data security needs.

Your journey with Whitaker Brothers doesn’t end when you’ve made your purchase As one of the most tenured and well-trained staff in the United States, we offer factory certifications from over 30 manufacturers to ensure you get the best equipment

The Whitaker Brothers service center is the place for spare parts, repairs, and service contracts to keep your equipment in the condition your business requires.



What is the highest level of security available in shredders?

Not all shredders destroy data in the same way For organizations requiring the highest levels of classified data destruction, you’ll want to choose a Level 6/P-7 high-security shredder These are typically used by organizations with highly sensitive national security documents and top-secret information.


What security level is required to destroy bank statements?

Level 3/P-4 shredders are the minimum security level required to destroy general information such as names, dates of birth, addresses, and bank statements For organizations looking to reassure their customers that they are destroying data to the highest level available, they may wish to opt for a higher security shredder.


What is the difference between strip-cut, cross-cut, and micro-cut shredders?

Strip-cut shredders will cut the paper into long strips This is considered to be the least secure method, as potential thieves could take the time to reassemble the paper For a more secure shred, cross-cut will cut the paper into strips and then divide these strips into smaller lengths The most secure shredding method is micro-cut, which follows the same method as cross-cut but rips the paper apart to ensure it cannot be reassembled.


Which businesses should use Level 3/P-4 security shredders?

Businesses shredding data such as bank statements, HIPAA/PII information, GDPR compliance, and unclassified government documents will want to use Level 3/P-4 security shredders This might include law firms, accountancy firms, and financial consultancy services.


Why is it important to shred documents?

Simply disposing of documents isn’t going to keep the sensitive information secure Shredding will ensure the effective destruction of the information, making it difficult if not impossible to reassemble the data This will ensure that your data is secure.