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Cross Cut Paper Shredders

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Cross cut shredders are well known for their superior security, but they also have a few lesser known advantages. A cross cut shredder will chop up the paper to such a fine level that much more paper can fit in the waste bin when compared to lower security levels. This results in fewer bags used, fewer trips to the dumpster, and more shredding! The combination of bag efficiency and higher security make cross cut paper shredders the most popular choice amongst businesses. Although there are many different cross cut shred sizes, the most popular is the Level 3 because the shred is small enough to meet most security requirements but not so small as to reduce sheet capacity or performance. For even smaller shred sizes, take a look at the Level 4 cross cut shredders. Our most popular cross cut shredder is ourĀ Destroyit 2604 Cross Cut. If you're looking to shred to top secret security levels for a government requirement, however, be sure to visit ourĀ P7/ Level 6 high security paper shredder section.Choose from our lineup of cross cut paper shredders for the best combination of speed and security.
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