Challenge Paddy Wagon Padding Press

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The Challenge Paddy Wagon Padding Press is an easy-to-use padding press that make a tidy pad of paper, and is print-shop quality.

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Description of the Challenge Paddy Wagon Padding Press

Many printing shops, binderies, and offices create pads using standard padding equipment, but not all of them want to work in very small quantities common to standard padding gear. The Challenge Paddy Wagon Padding Press is a one stop solution for those who want to create large quantities of pads in a single, convenient, and cost effective way. The Challenge Paddy Wagon Padding Press features integrated shelving to hold all of the materials necessary for effective padding (adhesives, knives, pads, and counters, etc.). It also catches any spilled adhesives too by positioning shelves directly beneath the work areas. The unit is also positioned atop heavy duty casters to allow the operator to use it in many different locations. This can make it simple to wheel the unit to a cutting machine, paper drill, or other finishing gear. The Challenge Paddy Wagon Padding Press is most importantly a padding press. It uses a very streamlined approach to pad fabrication, and demands only three simple steps. This padding press will handle up to 31" high stacks of paper, meaning maximum output is easily possible.

The operator of the Challenge Paddy Wagon Padding Press loads their sheets into the tilted tables that keep things at a 30 degree angle to ensure that they are aligned, and to avoid the time consuming jogging that many padding presses demand. After the sheets are set on the table and aligned, the stacks are clamped into position using the special bar and sliding clamps. The outside screws are tightened to ensure that the pages remain in place, and then the tilted tables are returned to their level position. This is when the padding compound is applied to the spines of the paper and kept tightly in place throughout the process. They can remain in place as long as necessary and a padding knife can be used to cut away the excess materials. The padding counter can be used to measure out the appropriate thicknesses and the clamps can be unlocked to allow for the blocks to be cut. Whether you are using oversized sheets or standard sheets of 20 bond, this unit will allow easy and streamlined padding. Artists, crafters, designers, printers, binders, and many others will appreciate the excellent design of this unit. It is sized comfortably, measuring 30" square and around 66.5" in length. It stores all of the padding supplies and creates an ideal work space for making pads of many kinds in great quantities.

Manufacturer Name Challenge
Binding Type Glue Padding, Note-pad
Max Sheet Capacity 15000 sheets
Manufacturer Part Number CHG-PADDYWAGON
Weight 100 lbs.
Height 66-1/2"

Shipping Weight 120.0000
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