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BOW Industries Inc.

In 1971 BOW Industries began manufacturing tape cleaners for various types of media. Over the years,their product line has expanded  and now BOW is known for their hard drive destroyers. These powerful destroyers are fast, easy to use, compact, portable, and they are NSA/CSS approved. Another advantage is that BOW machines can be operated manually so they can used anywhere, whether there is power available or not.
Based in Virginia,  Bow Industries manufactures all of their products here in the USA for superior quality.

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BOW MHDD-N Manual Hard Destroyer
  • $4,595.00
  • List Price $4,595.00
  • Qty:

BOW MX2-N Motor & Manual Hard Drive Destroyer
  • $5,695.00
  • List Price $5,695.00
  • Qty:

Code: BOWMX2-N-G