Syntron TJ-2 8-Pocket Tilt Jogger

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Product code: SYNTJ-2-8BIN-TILT

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Specifications of the Syntron TJ-2 8-Bin Tilt Paper Jogger

  • Type: Multi-Bin
  • Number of Bins: 8
  • Pocket Size: 4 3/4 x 10
  • Electrical: 115 V
  • Dim: 23" L x 20" W x 21" H
  • Weight: 139 lbs

Description of the TJ-2 8-Bin Tilt Paper Jogger

If you handle checks, time cards, mailers, and other similarly sized items, you may have problems with managing them effectively. This is especially true for those who must handle them in bulk quantities, such as banks or larger companies. Fortunately, there is the TJ-2 8-Bin Tilt Paper Jogger that will allow you to align up to six thousand pieces at once. The design of this jogger is meant to make it easier than ever to sort and jog items as needed. With eight room pockets in the large wooden tray, you can keep track of the different groups of documents (if needed) and easily remove them when the work is done. The jogging tray is set at an angle to the base of the unit in order to give the best results.

The TJ-2 8-Bin Tilt Paper Jogger is not a portable unit in the way that many other types of joggers are, and weighs in at a substantial 139 pounds. It can be set on top of a work station or desk, but there is also a handy stand available too. Either way, the rubberized feet and the optimal design of this machine guarantee that noise and vibration are kept to minimal levels. This makes it a good resource for many locations, including offices as well as mail rooms and printing stations. The TJ-2 8-Bin Tilt Paper Jogger has a footprint of 21 x 23, meaning that it can be easily integrated into almost any work flow. It can be positioned near scanners or sorters for tab card reading, it can be set near a mail opening machine for those who have to automate such processes, and it can even be located near any machines meant for padding or processing pages or documents too.

Clearly, this unit is a good all-around solution for those who handle high numbers of specially sized documents and materials. It uses its double action jogger to quickly, quietly, and efficiently handle alignment processes. This helps to reduce the cost of many different procedures by removing the manual labor usually required. It also gives optimal results that any sort of hand alignment just cannot deliver. If you process more than a few thousand items each day or week, and jogging is part of the work, it is essential to consider this unit as a valuable asset in your work flow. Optional stand available - please call for pricing.

Manufacturer Name Syntron
Number of Bins 8
Model # TJ-2
Height 20"
Weight 139.00
Width 21"
Depth 23"
Voltage 115 Volts; other voltages available
Shipping Weight 139.0000
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