Intimus VZ 14.00 / 5 Heavy Duty Shredder

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Product code: SCHVZ14.005

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Please contact us for availability and pricing.
Intimus VZ models are large customizable machines. Each application is different and machines are manufactured to the configuration and requirements of the end user. Speak with one of our Data Destruction Specialists for more info!

Basic Specs of the Intimus VZ 14.00/5 Heavy Duty Shredder

  • Shred AND bale in one machine
  • L5 shredding
  • Throughput of up to 150 kg/hour
  • Bale dimensions: 23.6x19.7x29.5
  • Cutting speed: 47 ft./min.
  • Low noise levels

Description of the Intimus VZ 14.00/5 Heavy Duty Shredder

The Intimus VZ 14.00/5 combines the shredder and baler for secure destruction of materials while simultaneously compacting particles. The VZ 14.00/5 is equipped with both a pre-shredder – for a 6x50mm cut – and an after-shredder – for 2x4.5mm, helping make sure that all documents shredded are as secure as possible. The 14.00/5 can easily accommodate firms with 30 or more people and meets the requirements of L5 security shredding. Once shredded, particle then make way through a conveyer belt and a second shred stage for maximum security. Once completely shredded, particles make their way into the baler. Once fully compressed, bales are ejected from the chamber at the push of a button. This machine has an audible signal to let you know when the bale is complete. The entire baling process is constant and automatic, eliminating dangerous gaps in security and creating a very efficient, convenient process.

Both shredders in this machine are cross-cut shredders, and this machine offers L5 security, making sure that all the paper particles are very small to ensure information protection. For easy loading, use the feed table to arrange materials and then place onto the conveyer. The Intimus VZ 14.00/5 can take on a large workload - as it has a shredding capacity of up to 100 sheets and shreds at 47 feet per minute– allowing you to shred all of your documents at a much faster rate.

Accessories available upon request. Contact Whitaker Brothers for custom options, pricing, and more information.

Manufacturer Name Intimus
Shreds Credit Cards? Yes
Shreds Paper Clips? Yes
Shreds Staples? Yes
Disclosures Capacity varies with grain, size, quality & paper weight and sufficient power supply.
** Please use actual HP as a specification for determining value. Use of Peak HP is for comparison purposes only where other than Actual HP is used.
Continuous Motor Yes
Weight 3020.4
Height 66.2
Width 120
Depth 47.25