Cumberland 600+ Light Duty Single Shaft Shredder (CLS Series)

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Product code: NDSCLS600+

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Features of the Cumberland 600+ Light Duty Single Shaft Shredder (CLS Series)

  • 12" diameter drum style rotor provides efficient cutting of various process scrap.
  • Low speed rotor (72 RPM) transmits high cutting torque for tough applications.
  • The low speed cutting action reduces noise levels.
  • Standard rotor is fabricated using abrasion-resistant steel for long-life in high-wear application.
  • 4-edge 1.3" reversible cutters with bolt-in replaceable knife seat for easy maintenance.
  • Heavy-duty self-aligning outboard mounted bearings that reduce the possibility of material contamination.
  • Double wall manual-feed hopper that can be positioned for feeding through front, back, or side of machine.
  • Tangential feed hopper for easy ingestion of material without the need of a hydraulic ram.

Description of the Cumberland 600+ Light Duty Single Shaft Shredder (CLS Series)

The Cumberland 600+ Light Duty Single Shaft Shredder is the smaller unit in the CLS series. With a 22" x 19" infeed opening, the 600+ shredder can easily handle purgings from injection and extrusion mold start up processes. The cutting chamber is 23" x 22" in size and the low speed rotor makes it easy for the machine to handle even some tougher materials. The infeed can be directed through the double wall hopper (which accepts only manual feed). This can be positioned to accept the materials for processing from the side, front, or back of the machine. While this makes it a very flexible unit, the tangential design of the hopper eliminates any need for hydraulic rams or forced movement of materials. Instead, the infeed is sent into the 12" drum style rotor and processed at 72 RPM. Because there are 26 cutters along the rotor, all of which are 4-edge blades, the processing can meet some pretty challenging demands. The rotor is made from abrasion resistant steel in order to endure high wear and the cutters are bolted into the knife seat to ensure affordable upkeep and repair.

The outboard bearings promise that no contamination is possible and their heavy duty and self-aligning design ensures that processing can occur as intended. In fact, the Cumberland 600+ Light Duty Single Shaft Shredder is known for helping granulators to average around 150% of the anticipated throughput, without excessive energy consumption. The low speed of the machine also means that it is not as noisy as standard shredders or shredder and granulator combinations. While the Cumberland 600+ Light Duty Single Shaft Shredder can stand alone and output granulate or reclaimed materials from 1/8" to 1/2" in size, it can also be partnered with an inline granulator for maximum results. If you are looking for a light duty shredder that can often deliver heavier duty results, the Cumberland 600+ Light Duty Single Shaft Shredder is a good choice. It accepts materials from one to four inches in size and uses its well designed drum rotor to efficiently process all kinds of scrap. Machining of the parts and durable construction techniques both guarantee that this is a good and reliable stand alone processor.

 Line Drawings for CLS Series Light Duty Shredder

Manufacturer Name Cumberland
Rotor Diameter 12" (310mm)
Model # CLS600+
Voltage 15HP (11kW)
Shipping Weight 0.0000
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