Wexler US-2000AD 60mm Arch Bander

Wexler US-2000AD 60mm Arch Bander

Basic Specifications for the US-2000AD 60mm Arch Bander

  • Product opening width: 10.2" - 14.1"
  • Product opening height:7" - 10.2"
  • Performance:up to 35 bands/min
  • Band width: 60mm /2.36 inch

Features of the Felins US-2000AD 60mm Arch Bander

  • Digital operator interface and machine controls
  • Unmatched ultrasonic sealing technology
  • User-friendly and low maintenance
  • Easy to startup, operate and maintain
  • Extensive selection of banding materials
  • Wide range of arch sizes and customization options
  • High level of machine safety and easy accessibility
  • Banding of soft products thanks to adjustable fixed lengths
  • Available banding materials: brown paper, colored plastic, white paper, pre-printed and clear plastic

Unlike other banding machines which uses a heat seal, the US-2000 machine uses an ultrasonic weld. It is a cleaner, better controlled sealing method and offers many advantages.

ISBN: 096224657809

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Description of the Wexler US-2000AD 60mm Arch Bander

Your firm produces items that require hefty and durable strapping. This means you need a flexible solution that allows you to enjoy complete control over the outcome. Unfortunately, many of the heavy duty banding machines do not truly provide this essential control. The Wexler US2000 60mm Arch Bander stands apart from the crowd and allows the user to enjoy a lot of flexibility. The 60mm bands are one of the most impressive things about the machine. They can be made from a range of plastics or paper products, and they can even be printed with a commercial or business related message. The thickness of the bands means that they will be heavy duty no matter how they are welded, but the Wexler US2000 60mm Arch Bander ensures the best results by using ultrasonic welding. This is a heatless method of welding that can create permanent to peelable welds on the straps used. This eliminates the need to preheat the machine, to keep materials such as glue heated and available, and prevents bits and debris from falling into the workings of the machine.The Wexler US2000 60mm Arch Bander is also going to provide its users with the ability to really fine tune the rest of the strapping procedure as well. There are options for tension control to eliminate any harm from coming to the products - even if they are soft or need protection on the edges and corners. There are adjustments to the arch size to ensure that the banding is exactly as needed for the dimensions of the item. There is even a digital panel that allows the user to create the best results with just a few turns of the dial. Not only is the Wexler US2000 60mm Arch Bander a very flexible and easily adjustable machine, but it is also entirely portable. The durable steel framing supports the unit while the rugged casters allow it to be moved easily from place to place. The large wheel of strapping material remains in sight and is also easy to change and thread for use as well. Overall, this is an easy to use machine that delivers custom results and provides a lot of options for any firm that uses strapping or banding during their assembly or production work. It is low maintenance and energy efficient as well, and this only enhances its value.

Part # Description Opening Width Opening Height
US2000AD-260x120/60 US-2000 60mm Arch Bander (260x120)
10.2" 4.7"
US-2000 60mm Arch Bander (260x180) 10.2"
US-2000 60mm Arch Bander (260x260)
US-2000 60mm Arch Bander (360x360)

Manufacturer Name Felins
Banding speed Up to 35 bands/min
Tape types Brown paper, colored plastic, white paper, pre-printed and clear plastic
Tape width 60 mm / 2.36 inch
Model # US2000AD/60
Manufacturer Part Number US2000AD/60
Weight 375 lbs (including skid)
Voltage 115 V
Shipping Weight 375.0000
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