Wexler ATS-MS 420S (30mm)
Wexler ATS-MS 420S (30mm) Banding Machines Wexler

Wexler ATS-MS 420S (30mm) Banding Machines Wexler

Wexler ATS-MS 420S (30mm)

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ISBN: 096224657373
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Basic Specifications for the Felins ATS-MS 420S Series (30mm)

  • Arch size: 210 x 420mm
  • Product width: 20 - 420 mm
  • Product height: 1 - 200 mm
  • Performance: 26 cycles/min
  • Weight: 88 lbs
  • Band width: 20 mm/0.79 inch

Features of the Felins ATS-MS 420S Series (30mm)

  • Table-top model
  • Short front table for small formats
  • User-friendly and low maintenance
  • Also suitable for fragile products
  • Temperature setting
  • Adjustable band tension
  • Easy insertion of rolls
  • Band feed/Automatic function
  • Optional jumbo dispenser stand
  • Optional jumbo dispenser with or without set-up table

Video Demo of the Wexler ATS-MS 420S Banding Machines

Description of the Wexler ATS-MS 420S Banding Machines

Designed for fragile products, the Wexler ATS-MS 420S straps up to A3 format (420mm). Strapping at a speed of up to 26 cycles per minute, the 420S bands your documents with 30mm band width. Want flexible operation options? The Wexler ATS-MS 420S can be operated three ways: by hand, foot, or automatically. The start button is conveniently placed on the front of the machine, as are the temperature setting control and adjustable band tension knob. Forget difficult band replacement or insertion. The wexler ATS-MS 420S guarantees user-friendly adjustment, replacement, and threading of the band material. Notice a problem with your machine? Instead of removing covers, the Wexler 420S provides easy access for quick troubleshooting through the hinged housing.

Perfect for high volume, the optional jumbo dispenser reduces the frequency of roll changes and cuts down on material costs. Why compromise on your comfort? The jumbo dispenser easily adjusts its height either manually or with a crank handle to fit your needs. The optional set-up table for the jumbo dispenser increases work space for easier product handling. This Wexler Heat-Seal banding machines are cost-effective, with high availability, low maintenance requirement and low wear. In a time-crunch to finish a banding job? The Wexler ATS-MS 240S requires no warm-up time: simply start the machine and start banding. Strap a variety of materials with environmentally friendly packaging. This banding material comes in an assortment of colors, including clear transparent, brown, white, and imprinted materials in up to 8 colors.


Banded 3-Ring Binders


Clear Banded Banners


Cosmetics Boxes




    Dental Tools




Envelopes/ Gift Cards




 iPod Box


Label Sheets


Lottery Tickets


 Pharmaceutical Multipack


   Plastic Trays


 Specimen Cups


Ventilator Hose


Wax Paper


    Welders Sleeves


Wrapped/Banded Cutlery


Manufacturer Name Wexler
Banding speed 26 Bundles per Minute *
Tape width 20 mm / 0.79 inch
Model # FLNATS-MS420S
Manufacturer Part Number ATS-MS420S
Weight 110.00 lbs (without skid and stand)
Voltage 115 V
Shipping Weight 110.0000
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