Wexler ATS-MS 380 (20mm)

Wexler ATS-MS 380 (20mm)

Basic Specifications for the Felins ATS-MS 380 Series (20mm)

  • Arch size: 6.7" x 15"
  • Product width: 20 - 380 mm
  • Product height: 1 - 160mm
  • Performance: 28 cycles/min
  • Weight: 77 lbs
  • Band width: 20mm /0.79 inch

Features of the Felins ATS-MS 380 Series (20mm)

  • Table-top model
  • Short front table for small formats
  • User-friendly and low maintenance
  • Also suitable for fragile products
  • Temperature setting
  • Adjustable band tension
  • Easy insertion of rolls
  • Band feed/Automatic function
  • Optional jumbo dispenser stand
  • Optional jumbo dispenser with or without set-up table

ISBN: 096224647688

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Video Demo of the Wexler ATS-MS 380 Banding Machines

Description of the Wexler ATS-MS 380 (20mm) Banding Machines

The Wexler ATS-MS 380 Heat-Seal banding machine promises convenience, ease-of-use, and cost-effectiveness for your everyday strapping jobs. This Wexler unit bands with a span of 380mm and can be operated with 20mm bands. The short front table accommodates small formats, while the optional set-up table provides even more working space for easier product handling. The ATS-MS promises user-friendly operation thanks to the easy insertion and threading of the band. Weighing near 78 lbs., the MS-380 is easy to transport and can be used literally anywhere, with simple and fast set up to boot. The ATS-MS 380 is incredibly user-friendly, with operating options including hand, foot, or automatic. Replacing the band material takes no time at all. The hinged housing grants the user easy access for quick trouble-shooting. The optional jumbo dispenser guarantees fewer roll changes.


Banded 3-Ring Binders


Clear Banded Banners


Cosmetics Boxes




    Dental Tools




Envelopes/ Gift Cards




 iPod Box


Label Sheets


Lottery Tickets


 Pharmaceutical Multipack


   Plastic Trays




Specimen Cups


Ventilator Hose


Wax Paper


    Welders Sleeves


Wrapped/Banded Cutlery


Manufacturer Name Felins
Banding speed 26 Bundles per Minute *
Tape width 20 mm / 0.79 in
Model # FLNATS-MS380
Manufacturer Part Number ATS-MS380
Weight 110.00 lbs (without skid and stand)
Voltage 115 V
Shipping Weight 110.0000
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