Royal Alpha 9500ML Cash Management System(Discontinued)

Royal Alpha 9500ML Cash Management System(Discontinued)

Royal Alpha 9500ML Cash Management System(Discontinued) Other Royal

Basic Specs of the Royal Alpha 9500ML

  • 4-Line x 24-Character Backlit LCD Display
  • 200 Departments for sales analysis by category of merchandise
  • 5000 Price-Look-Ups (PLU)
  • Two-Station Heavy-Duty Thermal Printer
  • Uses 2 1/4" (57mm) thermal paper for customer receipt and journal record
  • USB Connection
  • Data Portability
  • Optional Bar Code Scanner (PS700-USB)
  • Adjustable Customer Display
  • Scrolling Messages
  • Alpha Display
  • 40 Clerk ID System
  • Alpha Keyboard
  • Heavy-Duty Locking Cash Drawer
  • Automatic Tax Computation
  • Cash, Check and Charge Sales
  • Box Dimensions: 19.25" x 20.25" x 14.5"
  • Box Weight: 27 lbs

The Royal Alpha 9500ml cash register is an impressive piece of high-tech equipment.

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Description of the Royal Alpha 9500ML Cash Management System

The Royal Alpha 9500ml cash register is an impressive piece of high-tech equipment. It is designed as a top of the line model and can provide a store, gas station, restaurant, or other retail setting with all that it needs. Let's start with the 200 unique departments, the 40 clerk ID system, and the 5k PLU capacity. Clearly, this is a system designed for a large setting, but it could easily meet the needs of a smaller business while allowing for expansion and scalability. (This system has an optional bar code scanner available for businesses that would benefit from hands free checkout). The Royal Alpha 9500ml is a lot more than a strong base unit, however, and has an extensive list of advanced functions and features. These include automatic tax computation (based on four separate rates), a heavy duty two station thermal printer that creates customer receipts and a duplicate "journal" roll too, and the customer display operates in sync with the cashier to allow clients to see their running totals. In addition to the heavy duty locking cash drawer - with a five bill tray, a 6 stray coin area, and a "media slot", there is also the option to switch from cash or check to credit and charge sales.

The thermal printers rely on standard rolls of thermal register paper. The customer receipt unit is simple to use, and the system will not proceed without journal tape too. Both are quick to replace in order to ensure customer satisfaction and adequate record keeping. A truly excellent feature of this system is the capability to "jump drives" with it. You can transfer portable data from a USB or other drive to instantly program the system with your data. You can link it to an existing computer as well, and that can enable remarkably easy programming too. The register comes with all of the cables and software required for a pre-existing system to transfer the data instantly and easily. Even with the need for programming, this unit is designed for optimal ease of use. The thermal printers can be programmed to create information-rich receipts for customers too. The system allows for logos and codes to be programmed and for totally customized product lines to appear. This is in addition to logos at the top of the receipts, and customized text messages as well. And like all programmable machines, this model also has the option for three decimal codes (for items like gas per gallon) and the HDLO that prevents sales from reaching a pre-determined limit. Lastly, this unit is meant to be scalable and a long term investment. It is designed for years of use, and because of this, many owners invest in protective key covers. These ensure that the covers and the printing on the keys will not fade and that debris does not enter the machine through the keypad areas. Installing such a protective covering at the time of installation is a second level of insurance and provides protection for many years afterward.

Manufacturer Name Royal
Shipping Weight 27.0000