Omation Model 2100 Table Top Envelopener Letter Opener (New Model Avai

Omation Model 2100 Table Top Envelopener Letter Opener (New Model Available)
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Features of the Omation Model 2100 Table Top Envelopener Letter Opener

  • Tabletop structure is small yet powerful
  • Ideal for mixed sizes of mail
  • Opex Mill technology chips off, not slices off, pieces of the envelope
  • Internal documents are totally protected
  • Cut/no cut knob allows for envelope counting without the envelopes being opened
  • Digital counter on LCD display is resettable
  • Durable
  • Painful paper cuts are avoided due to soft, feathered edges
  • Paper chips are collected and automatically discarded, preventing paper jams and messes in the workspace
  • Opens 400 envelopes/minute
  • Dimensions (D x W x H): 15 ½" x 40" x 14"

The Omation Model 2100 Envelopener by Opex Corporation is a tabletop letter opener that can open up to 400 envelopes per hour. It leaves no paper scrap mess, keeps internal documents safe and leaves a soft feathered edge.

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Video of the Omation 2100 Letter Opener

Description of the Omation Model 2100 Table Top Envelopener Letter Opener

The Model 2100 Envelopener by Omation harnesses big performance in a small package. This table top unit packages the capabilities of a much larger model into the 2100's compact size. This model is designed for low volume needs yet features the same technology as larger Envelopeners. The Model 2100 is fast, efficient and safe. Users won't have to worry about envelopes and packages of different sizes, thanks to the "one size fits all" technology in the Model 2100. It handles mixed sizes of mail, including standard flat envelopes, oversized packages and thick envelopes. Regardless of size, the Model 2100 Envelopener can open as many as 400 envelopes per minute. The process is fairly effortless; it completely and cleanly opens the envelopes, never resulting in frustration over partially-opened packages.

The Opex 2100 uses advanced milling technology to open the envelopes, instead of merely slicing off a chunk of the envelope like other companies. The milling cutter takes of a miniscule part of the top of the envelope, leaving the documents inside protected and uncut. The milling cutter also results in a soft, feathered edge where the envelope is open, as opposed to sharp edges left by guillotine-type cutters that can damage contents as well as result in paper cuts. Also, instead of cutting off long strips of the envelope, the milling technology only trims off little chips of paper which are stored separately in a compartment underneath. This keeps your work area clean and your opener free of jams.

An additional feature of the Model 2100 Envelopener is the cut/no cut knob. This allows envelopes to run through the machine and be counted without being opened. The digital counter holds up to 6 digits of numbers on its LCD display and can easily be reset after each job. The Model 2100 is made with high quality steel and is incredibly durable. Since the Envelopener was developed in 1974, it has had a firm presence in businesses and government agencies.

Manufacturer Name Omation/Opex
Speed 24,000 envelopes/hour
Envelope Size all
Envelope Thickness .188"
Feed Stack Capacity 3" tall
Counter/Batcher Yes
Model # 2100
Manufacturer Part Number OMA 2100
Weight 61 lbs.
Height 14"
Width 40"
Depth 15.5"
Shipping Weight 61.0000
Q: How do I reset the counter clock. I press the reset button, but it does not reset.
A: You need to hold down the reset button to clear the counter, it takes about 5-10 seconds. This prevents someone from accidentally brushing against the machine and clearing the counter.