HSM Cutline T-3310 Rotary Trimmer

HSM Cutline T-3310 Rotary Trimmer

HSM Cutline T-3310 Rotary Trimmer


  • Sheet Capacity: 10
  • Cutting Width: 13"
  • Cut Type: Manual
  • Blade Type: Rotary
Features of the HSM Cutline T-3310 Trimmer
  • Self-sharpening blades
  • Collection tray for paper trimmings
  • Recessed handle for easy lifting 
  • Sturdy metal base and non-slip stand
  • Enclosed side for precise paper positioning
  • Angle and special format scaling
  • Ergonomically shaped cutting head

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Description of the HSM Cutline T-3310 Rotary Trimmer

The HSM Cutline T3310 rotary trimmer offers a tabletop solution for trimming and cutting up to 10 pieces of paper at once. Reasonably sized at 9" D x 20" W x 3" H, the Cutline T3310 cutting machine fits perfectly on most table tops in your office. Weighing in at just 3.3 lbs., users can pick this cutter up and move it from place to place if required. The non slip stand also helps to stabilize the trimmer when in use, while the closed side stop enables precise positioning of the shredder material.

This machine features many characteristics that set it apart from other trimming machines on the market. The ergonomically designed cutting head on the T3310 features a self-sharpening round blade that guarantees a precise cut every time. Also the side stops, wall mounting fixture, and recessed carrying handle, are just a few of the benefits that the T3310 has to offer against other cutting machines. This solidly built machine is also strong enough to handle paper, cardboard and plastic film. Offering such great features, the HSM T3310 is suitable for private or professional use.  

The Cutline T3310 also offers a sturdy metal base plate with centimeter and inch measurements as well as angle and special format scaling and enclosed side stop. These features makes sure you can cut your papers to your exact specifications. With an optimal cutting length of 33 centimeters and a cutting depth of 1.0 mm, this is the machine that you need in your office.  

Manufacturer Name HSM
Sheet Capacity 10
Table Size 13'' x 6 5/16'' (D x W)
Clamp Manual
Blade Type Rotary
Cutting Length 13"
Model # T-3310
Weight 3.13 lbs.
Height 3 3/4"
Depth 9 3/16"
Width 20 7/8"
UPC 4026631047234
Shipping Weight 4 lbs
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