HSM R-48000 Manual Stack Cutter (Discontinued)

HSM R-48000 Manual Stack Cutter (Discontinued)

Basic Specs of the HSM R-48000 Stack Cutter

  • High-quality ground cutting blades of hardened steel
  • Manual paper clamping and safety lock
  • Spindle-guided rear limit stop
  • Includes cm and inch scale
  • Stacking bracket for exact placement of the paper included in the scope of delivery

    The HSM R-48000 Stack Cutter offers heavy duty cutting in a compact machine.

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    The HSM R-48000 is a medium sized stack cutter built for precise cutting of paper stacks. The HSM R-48000's efficiency is unmatched by its competitors due to its durable design and ability to precisely cut up to 600 sheets of paper every time. With a table size of only 28.37"W x 30"D it provides a more compact design without compromising its cutting precision and cutting volume. One of the greatest features of the HSM R-48000 is its high quality, ground blade made of hardened steel. The blade is one of the most important features of a high capacity, high quality stack cutter, and this high-grade, German steel blade ensures a precise cut every time.

    This stack cutter not only includes a durable, refined steel blade for high-quality cutting, but it features many other functions that contribute to its durability and exact cutting. It features a manual paper clamp and safety lock to provide additional pressure to a paper stack while being cut. This ensures that each paper will be cut precisely, from top to bottom. It also includes a Spindle-guided rear limit stop and stacking bracket for exact placement of each sheet of paper. Even with a high volume of paper being cut, the stack will neatly and efficiently be cut and grouped for delivery.

    The HSM R-48000 enables precise cutting of stacked paper while providing added safety features such as the protective Plexiglas cover and manual paper clamping and safety lock. It also provides the ability to measure in both inches and centimeters, for global usability. This cutter is commonly used in quick-print copy shops, mail rooms and on demand environments. Its convenient size means its perfect for smaller work areas. The R-48000 brings the same quality and durability that HSM is known for to a compact, precise cutter.

    Manufacturer Name HSM
    Max Cutting Width 18"
    Max Cutting Thickness 2.34"
    Cutting Mode Manual
    Model # HSM R-48000
    Height 18.12"
    Width 28.37"
    Depth 30"
    Shipping Weight 51.00
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