Formax FD 6604 Standard 6 Folder Inserter (Discontinued)

Formax FD 6604 Standard 6 Folder Inserter (Discontinued)

Formax FD 6604 Standard 6 Folder Inserter (Discontinued) Inserters Formax

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Basic Specs of the Formax FD 6604 Standard 6 Folder Inserter

  • 6 station inserter with standard feeders
  • Processes up to 4,300 pieces an hour
  • Duty cycle of up to 80,000 items a month
  • Top-loading hopper holds up to 500 envelopes
  • Vertical output stacker holds up to 500 filled envelopes
  • Fold types: C, Z, Half, Double Parallel and no fold
  • Folds up to 10 sheets (half-fold) or 8 sheets (tri-fold)
  • Handles envelopes up to 6.4"H x 9.8"W

Features of the FD 6604 Standard 6

  • 10.4" touchscreen control panel
  • 25 programmable jobs
  • AutoSet one-touch setup
  • Energy-saving standby mode

The Formax 6604 Standard 6 Folder Inserter offers six stations and standard feeders. Capable of processing up to 4,300 pieces per hour, the FD 6604 features a color touch screen control panel for easy setup and operation!

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Description of the Formax FD 6604 Standard 6 Folder Inserter

The Formax FD 6604 Standard 6 Folder Inserter replaces the FD 6602 inserter. This six-station inserter features standard feeders, a high-capacity document feeder, output stacker, and envelope hopper! Although the FD 6604 looks intense, it guarantees user-friendly setup and operation. The AutoSet function allows for one-touch set-up. A prominent feature one notices at the start is the 10.4" full-color touchscreen control panel. This control panel has improved ergonomics and makes selecting your fold and insert preferences extremely simple. For versatility, the handy touchscreen can be viewed either at an angle or titled to the operator's height. Save time during your inserting projects by programming up to 25 jobs into this control panel.

Processing approximately 4,300 envelopes per hour, the FD 6604 is built for continuous operation. Load your envelopes continuously thanks to the large, top-loading envelope hopper, which holds up to 500 envelopes at once. Where do your finished products go? The vertical output stacker holds up to 500 filled envelopes and offers reverse stacking output. With an incredible duty cycle of 80,000 pieces per month, the flexible Formax FD 6604 will meet any need. Choose from five different fold types, including C, Half, Z, Double Parallel, and no fold. The Formax 6604 even folds up to 10 sheets of paper in half fold and 8 sheets in tri fold!

The new technology and high capacity is superb. The capabilities this machine offers are even better. The Formax 6604 folder-inserter allows for a set number of pieces to be pulled from one feeder, collated, and inserted automatically. This multifeeding function hits two birds with one stone and decreases preparation time in half. Insert sheets in a variety of envelope sizes, up to 6.4" H x 9.8" W. The Daily Mail Mode also allows you to insert stapled sets into your envelopes as well.

Formax strives to preserve your mailings integrity. Two double-document detectors are available and provide an extra ounce of security for your projects. Sensors within the machine redirect any double documents or incomplete sets without interrupting the entire process. You need never worry about your machine burning out. An energy-saving mode switches your folder-inserter into standby mode after a time of inactivity.

Manufacturer Name Formax
Fold Types Half Fold, C Fold, Z Fold, Double Parallel Fold, No Fold
Speed 4,300 pieces/hour
Max Number of Full Page Inserts 10 Sheets (half fold); 8 sheets (tri fold)
Feed Tray Capacity Up to 725
Accepted Envelope Sizes 5.5" - 9.8" W x 3.5" - 6.4" H
Accepted Paper Sizes 5" - 9" W x 3 1/2" - 14" L
Duty Cycle 80,000
Envelope Feed Hopper Capacity Up to 500
Programmable Presets 25
Model # 6604
Weight 308 lbs.
Height 36''
Width 63''
Depth 18''
Voltage 110 Volts; other voltages available

Shipping Weight 308.0000