Formax FD 150 Document Signer (Discontinued)

Formax FD 150 Document Signer (Discontinued)

Formax FD 150 Document Signer (Discontinued) Imprinters/Check Signers Formax

Basic Specs of the Formax FD 150

  • Type: cut sheet
  • Paper size: 2.75" - 14" W x 3" - 14" L
  • Speed: up to 300 documents/minute
  • Hopper capacity: up to 200 sheets
  • Electrical: 115 volts AC 50/60 Hz
  • Dim: 12" L x 19.5" W x 9.5" H
  • Weight: 40 lbs.

The FD 150 Document Signer offers the versatility of imprinting signatures, endorsements, seals and logos onto cut-sheet documents.

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Description of the Formax FD 150 Document Signer

There are many settings in which document signing is an ongoing demand. Whether it is the signing of blank checks or the appearance of endorsements or seals on cut sheet documents, it requires specialized gear to get the job done. The Formax FD 150 Document Signer is one of the more reliable and feature-rich machines of this kind and makes it easy to handle frequently run printing jobs with ease. The FD 150 Document Signer offers four programmable settings that allow users to enjoy the most convenient processing and printing imaginable. The security of the machinery (and any signatures or seals) is guaranteed by the dual key locks that prevent the gear from running unless operated by those with permission to do so. This machine is also equipped with features that ensure that any questions relating to its use are easily answered. For example, it has two separate counters, resettable and non-resettable counters especially for auditing purposes, and the ability to use different inks if necessary.

The FD 150 Document Signer has a hopper able to hold up to 200 documents at one time and it can imprint or sign up to 300 sheets per minute as well. The unit can imprint anywhere within the allowable area of the document, and it will also allow for automatic alignment if typical imprint locations are selected. Because this machine feeds from the bottom, it guarantees that the sequence of the documents is maintained, and that continuous use is possible. It can use paper sizes from 2.75 to 14 inches in width and from 3 to 14 inches in length. The imprinting sizes are from less than inch by three inches. They require the use of vinyl stamp etchings and saddles customized with the appropriate seals or signatures.

The FD 150 Document Signer is a secure, user friendly, and high speed approach to automated signing operations. It can be relied on to handle a wide array of needs and keep track of the work with great accuracy. Its programmable functions means that the operator's workload is lessened and that some of the most common and frequent jobs are easily tackled with the push of a few buttons. The Formax 150 can be paired with a compatible jogger to ensure that the documents are in neat alignment and tightly stacked before or after processing. This can make for a streamlined workflow and much more efficient printing.

Manufacturer Name Formax
Form Length 3'' - 14''
Form Width 2.75'' - 14''
Speed Up to 300 documents/minute
Hopper Capacity Up to 200 sheets
Type Cut sheet
Model # FD 150
Weight 40 lbs.
Height 9 1/2''
Width 12''
Depth 19 1/2''
Voltage 115 Volts; other voltages available

Shipping Weight 65.0000
Shipping Length 28
Shipping Width 21
Shipping Height 20
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