Cumberland CXS 2000 Single Shaft Shredder (CXS Series) (Discontinued)

Cumberland CXS 2000 Single Shaft Shredder (CXS Series) (Discontinued)

Features of the Cumberland CXS 2000 Single Shaft Shredder (CXS Series)

  • Sturdy “swing-style" ram minimizes space and allows product to fall into the rotor
  • Serrated ram plate for holding product into the rotor
  • Outboard mounted bearings reduces contamination
  • Square cutters that are reversible for quick changes
  • Large 29.5" (750mm) diameter rotor for positive ingestion
  • Bolted in cutterseat for easy removal and maintenance
  • Abrasion resistant rotor standard for long life
  • Dual motor driven for even hp displacement on both shaft ends
  • Two speed ram hydraulics

Cumberland CXS 2000 Single Shaft Shredder (CXS Series)

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Description of the Cumberland CXS 2000 Single Shaft Shredder (CXS Series)

Cumberland's CXS Series of single shaft shredders are designed for optimal performance and truly tailored specifications. The Cumberland CXS 2000 Single Shaft Shredder is the mid-sized unit in the series and it can be outfitted with an impressive range of options that can make it a perfect solution for even the most demanding applications. It has a hopper opening that is 102" x 79", which feeds materials into a 59" x 74" cutting chamber. The materials can be delivered via the manual or conveyor feeder hopper, but there are options for other gear. This applies to the infeed and the discharge to ensure optimal results. The hopper is also equipped with a hydraulic ram and heavily toothed ram plate. These work together to keep even some difficult materials in constant contact with the rotor and bed knives. This ensures quick and efficient processing, and the air cooled rotors also prevent such negative activities as polymer melting or smearing from taking place.

Rotors operate at 54 RPM (meaning they are fairly quiet) and are 29" in diameter. The Cumberland CXS 2000 Single Shaft Shredder has 96 cutters along its rotor, along with five bed knives to tackle the work. These are driven by two 100HP motors (the hopper motor is a 15 HP unit) and are air cooled for long life and performance. They are mounted on each end of the shaft to ensure that power is evenly distributed along its length. The rotor is also abrasion resistant to eliminate friction and to help the unit enjoy a much longer life as well. Other features of the Cumberland CXS 2000 Single Shaft Shredder include specialized controls, knife holders for easy repair and maintenance, and a small footprint for easy use of the machine. Options include the addition of a hydraulic screen cradle, wear protection inside of the cutting chamber, special conveyors for discharge and infeed, and easy configuration with a granulator. This last option often allows a granulator to perform beyond anticipated throughput rates and is a reason to consider a two-stage system.

If you are facing continuous and high capacity reclamation, size reduction, or shredding needs, the Cumberland CXS 2000 Single Shaft Shredder is a good and reliable solution. It delivers predictable results and will be customizable to your specific needs or tasks. It can handle a wide array of materials and uses three separate motors to keep wear and maintenance to minimal levels.


  • Hydraulic screen cradle
  • Rotor cooling
  • PLC with display
  • Chamber wear protection
  • Infeed and discharge conveyors
  • Easily configured with 2nd stage granulation

Line Drawings and Diagrams for CXS Series Single Shaft Shredder

142 (3607) 102 (2591) 34 (864) 132 (3353) 100 (2540) 155 (3937) 80 (2032)

Manufacturer Name Cumberland
Horsepower 2HP x 100HP (2kW x 74.5kW)
Rotor Diameter 29.5" (750mm)
Model # CXS2000
Shipping Weight 0.0000
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